Getting from the Boston airport to downtown is a doddle. You will have tons of options, including some for free! This is one of the most interesting cities what to see in USA. The city offers several alternatives to carry out this transfer. Fortunately, boston logan airport is super close to downtown. In this post we tell you how to get from boston airport to downtown for you to organize during your visit.

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1. Silver Line SL1, a FREE option to go from Boston airport to downtown

Journey time: 40 minutes approximately
💰 Price of the trip: FREE

Although this is not the fastest option, it is the most convenient for your pocket. You can go from Boston airport to downtown for FREE. Yes, you read it right! The bus line is called Silver Line SL1 and it takes about 40 minutes to get to the city center, depending on the traffic. will leave you in South Stationsteps from Downtown Boston.

It runs every 10-15 minutes, so you won’t have to wait long. this bus stops at all Boston Logan airport terminals and you will find it in the lower levels of the airport.

At South Station you can transfer to Commuter Rail, Amtrak and/or the Red Line subway to get to other destinations in Bostonsuch as Cambridge, downtown Boston, Harvard Massachusetts University and MIT General Hospital.

Another point in favor of using this public transport service is that you hardly have to walk, since you can get on and off the bus just in front of each terminal at Boston Logan Airport. If you are on a tight budget for the trip, this is a great alternative!

Useful information for visiting Boston:

go from Boston airport to downtown
Boston, from above

2. Use the Boston Metro or T

Journey time: 30 minutes in total (15 minutes by metro9
💰 Price of the trip: from $2.40 (€2.28)

If you prefer the subway to go from Boston airport to downtown, you will have to take the T as the locals call the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority). Is an inexpensive and easy commute that only takes 15 minutes to get to Downtown.

However, it is a tricky option since You must also take into account the transfer time to the metro stationwhich is not located in the Boston Logan Airport terminals.

To get to this service you can use buses number 22, 33, 55 or SL1, depending on the time of day. Bus 22 stops at Terminals A and B, Bus 33 at Terminals C and E, and Bus 55 runs off-peak. So you have many options!

Once in the subway you have two lines that you can occupy according to your exact destination in the center from Boston. On the one hand, the red line will take you to some of the highlights. Make sure you are going in the right direction towards the Red Line. To get to the city center, you will have to take the T in the direction of Alewife.

On the other hand, the blue line It’s also a great way to get to the city center. Although it does not have the number of stops of the most famous places in Boston such as the Red Line. In this case you will have to go in bowdoin direction.

at the time of buy your tickets for the subwaythe MBTA offers the CharlieCard or CharlieTicket. The CharlieCard will serve you for the subway, local buses and the Silver Linewhile CharlieTicket is also valid for the Charlestown Suburban Rail and Ferry.

The ticket you buy depends on your plans in Boston. The metro in this city offers some options to get around. The rates are as follows:

  • CharliePass: $2.40 (2,28€)
  • Charlie Ticket: $2.90 (2,75€)
  • 1 day: $12.75 (€12.09)
  • 7 days: $22.50 (€21.34)
  • Monthly Pass: $90 (€85.35)

3. The taxi, a more comfortable option

Journey time: 10 minutes to the center
💰 Price of the trip: €24 + tip (optional)

If you prioritize speed, a taxi is a great option to get from Boston airport to downtown. Especially if you are traveling with children or heavy luggage. The transfer to the city center only takes 10 minutes. Best of all, they will take you to the door of your hotel or wherever you want!

Not Boston, taxis use meter to calculate faresso the price will depend on the time and distance traveled. Going from the Boston airport to the city center costs approximately $25.

Official Boston Airport Taxi Ranks you will find them in each terminal, in the arrivals area. Although in terminal C the taxis are on the ground floor, in the central parking lot. It’s a great idea to get to your hotel early and start exploring Boston!

4. Rent a car, if you want to make a route through the United States

Journey time: 10 minutes to the center
💰 Price of the trip: car rental + €1 in gasoline

If to move in Boston you plan rent a car, we explain how to get from Boston airport to downtown. This journey is very short. You will arrive in 10 minutes and you will only invest €1 in gasoline. Of course, once in Boston you will probably not use the car, for this reason we only recommend it if you plan to make a route along the east coast of the United States.

When leaving the airport you will have to take highway 1A and in a matter of minutes you will enter the city of Boston. It’s super fast and convenient, although you should keep in mind that parking in this city is expensive.

5. Shuttle Logan Express

Journey time: 20 minutes to the center
💰 Price of the trip: from $3

Another option that you have at your disposal for Going from Boston airport to Downton is the shuttle. They are transportation companies that offer van services from Logan Airport to the surrounding area. The price varies according to the exact destination and the company you choose. But a ride downtown costs about $3. The frequency is between 20 and 30 minutes.

It’s a door to door service so you will depend on the destination of the other passengers to know how long it will take you to reach your destination. the shuttle operates from 06:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m..

6. Shared minivan to get from Boston airport to downtown

Journey time: 30 minutes to downtown or more to other areas of Boston
💰 Price of the trip: from $20 (€19)

You can go from the Boston airport to downtown and even further areas of the city in a shared minivan. It is a way to mobilize comfortably. You’ll avoid the huge crowds on buses and the subway. You can buy the tickets in advance, so you will have a safe seat when you arrive from your flight.

The minivans operate every day from 03:00 to 11:00. On the other hand, the price varies depending on the area you want to go to. Next, we share the details of the tickets per passenger

  • Boston y Seaport: $22.50 (21,34€)
  • Cambridge y Somerville: $35 (33,19€)
  • Allston y Brighton: $39 (36,98€)
  • Arlington, Brookline and more: $50 (€47.41)
  • Newton & Waltham: $60 (€56.90)

7. Private transport

Journey time: 10 minutes
💰 Price of the trip: between €120 and €132

If you’re looking to get downtown from the Boston airport, there are few more comfortable options than this. With private transport you will not have to worry about connections and waiting. If you want a slightly higher transport you can book a private transfer. You have to choose between a small car with 3 seats and 3 large suitcases or an SUV for 6 people and 6 large suitcases. It is a complete option, although more expensive!

The transfer time will depend on the location where you want to be dropped off. But to go from Boston airport to downtown it will only take 10 minutes.


Here we answer some frequently asked questions about getting from the Boston airport to downtown. If you have any other questions write us a comment.

What is the fastest option to get from Boston airport to downtown?

If after the flight to Boston you are in a hurry to get to your hotel or to the center to visit, a private transport will be your salvation. All the journeys last the same but your time is priceless. so you you will save the wait if there are no taxis available or the time it takes to rent a car. Yes, it is the most expensive option, but if you are looking for speed booking a private transport is the answer.

What is the cheapest option to get downtown from Boston airport?

Nothing beats anything that’s free and the Silver Line SL1 bus is free. So the answer is easy! This free bus is perfect for your pocket. It may take longer than going directly by rental car, taxi or private transport. In any case, it is a friendly option with your budget!

What option do we recommend to go from Boston airport to downtown?

If we have to stay with only one, We recommend going from Boston airport to downtown with the free bus. As long as you’re not in a hurry! We use this transport and it is very good. Besides, we saved a few euros.

How many kilometers is it from Boston airport to downtown?

Boston airport is super close to downtown. In reality, the distance is almost nothing and we were very surprised because it is more common for them to be far from the city or the center. The distance is 11.3 kilometers. Almost nothing!


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