The garbage crisis around the world has increased in recent years. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, one million water bottles are purchased around the world every minute, yet only 10 percent of the plastic is properly recycled.

Single-use plastics cause tons of waste that we could help reduce by refilling a water bottle when we need it in our daily lives and when traveling.

Also, as if our bit were not enough, this action could lead us to save a lot of money, how? Surely in their adventures, especially in very touristy places, they have found inflated prices and a bottle of water can cost up to 5 euros.

One of the best tips to save in cities like Rome or Paris is to use the hundreds of fountains with drinking water to quench your thirst. Thinking about this, we share three applications with geolocation that will help you find nearby public fountains with drinking water in different countries.


Find drinking water anywhere! Under this slogan, tap offers the opportunity to find stations, fountains or points to refill your water bottle for free. It also has information for ordering water at home.

The creators highlight its growth, which has reached more than 30 countries, and invite people to be part of their community, by bringing an honor roll of those who use the recharging sources the most, make opinions and give advice from them. .

You can find more details in your page.

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Refill App

If you are in the United Kingdom, although it also has coverage in other European countries, you can use the Refill application, which has more than 14,000 drinking water refill points that you can view according to your location.

Its developers highlight the recognition that the City to Sea association offered them, for their work in favor of reducing the use of plastic. It has an application in iOS y Android.


Finally, Mapastr, unlike the two previous ones, does not only focus on finding free drinking water stations (which it also incorporates into its system). In this application, users are invited to share and record their points of interest to share them with others.

It will also allow them to save their favorite places and organize them into lists.

You can download them for:



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