travel to dubai It is a highly recommended experience. The Emirati city is probably the most extravagant place we have visited. The contrast of its huge skyscrapers with the old part of the city is very striking. It is usually one of those destinations that you love or hate, which is why it is well worth it to discover it first hand. It is also interesting to discover other beautiful places to see in United Arab Emirates. we tell you how much does it cost to travel to dubai with a detailed budget so that you get a clear idea.

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1. Flights to Dubai

The first step to travel to Dubai is to book the flights. There is direct routes from Barcelona and Madrid with Emirates airline. you can get round trip for around €400. But the truth is that most visitors to Dubai take the opportunity to visit the city during a stopover with this airline before continuing to their final destination. We recommend you play with the dates to find the cheapest combination if this is your case.

Another option is to fly to Dubai with a stopover. It is ideal if you want to save or leave from an airport other than Barcelona or Madrid. You can find flights for only €250 round trip with companies such as Turkish Airlines, Lufhansa or Swiss. In any case, We tell you how to get from the airport to the city center once you land in Dubai.

Find cheap flights to Dubai

As with all trips, we recommend booking flights a few months in advance to find the best prices. After hours on Skyscanner, we have created a guide with 10 useful tips to find the best flight deals.

10 tricks to get cheap flights on Skyscanner

how much does it cost to travel to dubai
Dubai is an amazing city

2. How much does it cost to sleep in Dubai

Accommodation is an important part to consider when calculating how much it costs to travel to Dubai. If there is something certain, it is that you will not lack a hotel offer to choose where to sleep in the city. There are all kinds of hotels and apartments. Although Dubai is famous for being a city full of luxuries, the truth is that you can find double rooms with everything you need for €40 per night. The first time, we stayed at the CityMax Bur Dubai paying only €144 for 4 nights. Of course, most are usually located in Deira or Burj Dubai, near the airport.

Of course, if you put your mind to it, you can also spend hundreds of euros per night in the spectacular luxury hotels. In fact, did you know that Dubai has the most luxurious hotel in the world? He Burj Al Arab has become another attraction in the city thanks to its characteristic shape of a sail on the sea.

We leave you an article where we recommend the best areas of the city to sleepas well as our favorite hotels and apartments.

Where to stay in Dubai: best areas and hotels

3. Transportation in Dubai

spending on transport in dubai It will depend a lot on the option you choose. In most big cities we never recommend renting a car, but Dubai is an exception. Basically because the public transport system has a lot of room for improvement. So, If you have a few days to get to know the city, the most practical thing is to rent a vehicle to be able to go at your own pace.

Find the best price to rent a car in Dubai

The cheapest is to use public transport, which is not a drama either! The metro does not reach all corners of the city. But there are many bus lines that will take you almost anywhere. We recommend you take out daily passes with which you can make unlimited trips for 20AED (5€).

Another quite common option is get around by taxi. The prices are quite affordable and many times they are the best option to avoid making several transfers. For example, a 25 kilometer journey cost us about €15. It is easy to find taxis in the most touristic places, but you can always use Uber. We did a few taxi rides and spent around €30.

Dubai is an amazing city

4. How much does food cost in Dubai?

The price of the meal should not be a concern when calculating the budget to travel to dubai. In such a multicultural city there are countless gastronomic options, for all tastes and pockets. we leave you one selection of our favorite cheap restaurants in Dubai.

It is easy to find restaurants with very diverse cuisines for around €10 a plate. If you are not sure what you want, go to the food court of any shopping center. You will surely find something to your liking! if you dare with traditional food places you can eat shawarma, hummus and other typical dishes for just €5. You will find many such options in the historic part of the city. Definitely, We calculate about €25 per person per day to eat in Dubai.

If you want to treat yourself, there are plenty of fancy restaurants in Dubai Marina and Sheikh Zayed Road.

7 restaurants to eat well and cheaply in Dubai

how much does it cost to travel to dubai
Dubai Marina, one of the best areas to eat in Dubai

5. Price of activities in Dubai

There are countless activities to do in Dubai, you will surely not get bored! To walk through the spectacular shopping centers such as the Mall of the Emirates or the Dubai Mall, see the fountain show at the foot of the Burj Khalifa or sunbathe on the beach, you won’t have to spend a single euro. But there are other things that do cost money. Below we share the prices of the most popular activities in Dubai.

The total expense will depend on how many things you want to do and the luxuries you give yourself. We calculate about €200 spent per person on activities in Dubai.

We recommend the 10 best tours and excursions in Dubai

how much does it cost to travel to dubai
The impressive view from the Burj Khalifa

6. Travel insurance for Dubai

to finish calculating how much does it cost to travel to dubai we cannot forget the travel insurance. For us it is an essential expense to travel calmly to any destination. We travel with Iati insurancewhich offers 24/7 attention in Spanish before a lot of unforeseen events. Includes medical assistance, coverage against theft, transport delays or cancellations, loss of luggage, accidental damage to the hotel…

To give you an idea, just a medical consultation without any additional tests can perfectly cost €100. It is highly worth taking out insurance to be calm and know where to go in case of an accident. Besides, we offer you a 5% discount on all Iati travel insurance.

Hire your insurance with a 5% discount


Finally, we share the Detailed budget so you can see exactly how much it costs to travel to Dubai. Includes all expenses for two people on a 5-day visit to the city.

  • ✈️ Direct flights from Barcelona €400 x2 = €800
  • 🚇 Public transport with NOL card €20 x2 = €40
  • 🚖 Punctual taxis = €30
  • 😴 Accommodation 4 nights in a double room = €144
  • 🥙 Food €25 per person and day x 5 days = €250
  • 🎡 Activities €200 per person x2 = €400
  • 🏥 Travel insurance for two people = €85

Total price to travel to Dubai for two people for 5 days = €1749


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