There is no better way to learn geography and history than by traveling. Many times the capitals that they asked us at school, we forgot. But now, as travelers, wanting to visit the entire planet, we remember them more easily, right?

How about we play a little? Remember to share with your friends and see who is the winner.

Let’s start with an easy one, what is the capital of Italy?

Yes, I know. The last one was very easy, what is the one in Indonesia?

Do you remember which is the capital of Afghanistan?

Let’s go down a bit on the mainland, what is the capital of Armenia?

What is the capital of the United Arab Emirates?

And the capital of Laos is…

What is the capital of Latvia?

If we go to Africa, what is the capital of Nigeria?

Do you remember what is the capital of Poland?

Finally, what is the capital of Uganda?

All 10 questions completed!

What capitals of the world do you know

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