Hostels, hostels or hostels are a type of accommodation on the rise. More and more travelers choose to stay in these types of establishments because they offer several advantages. First of all, you will save money compared to booking hotels or apartments. In addition, there is a much more social environment that allows you to meet like-minded travelers and make friends while you discover the world.

Hostelworld is a leading hostel and cheap accommodation booking platform, with more than 16,500 hostels in 180 countries. Almost nothing! We tell you everything you need to know to find your perfect accommodation and find travel partners at Hostelworld.

In addition, it is a company committed to having the least possible environmental impact. We all know that traveling, especially by plane, can be bad for the environment. Some studies show that hostels are a more sustainable type of accommodation than hotels.

But beyond that, Hostelworld is certified as a climate neutral company because they actively work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the use of single-use plastics. They are also part of reforestation projects in the Amazon.

stay in hoi an
Southeast Asia is one of the best regions to find cheap accommodation and meet other travelers


After entering your destination, dates of stay and number of travelers, all available hostels will appear. The results list shows prices for both private rooms and a bed in a shared dormitory with other travelers.

You can also see at first glance the score of the accommodation according to the opinions of people who have already stayed there. Beyond the score, we recommend that you look at the number of opinions. There are some hostels with very few opinions and it is always better to have more references 🙂 In any case, all reviews are from verified stays, unlike other sites like TripAdvisor where everyone can give their opinion and falsify the reviews (for better or for worse). There are over 13 million reviews to help you decide!

of course you can add filters to see only the hostels that suit your needs. For example: free WiFi, luggage storage before entering or leaving the room, laundry, gym, 24/7 reception, etc.

When is the hostel reservation paid?

At the time of booking you will only have to pay a deposit to confirm your stay. Once you arrive at the accommodation, you will pay in local currency or by card the remaining amount and any local taxes (note that many cities have tourist taxes that all travelers staying overnight must pay).

Can you cancel a reservation at Hostelworld?

When you search for accommodation on Hostelworld, you will be able to see the cancellation policy of each hostel. There are three options:

  1. FREE Cancelation. They refund the full amount you have paid in advance.
  2. flexible rates. You can change the dates or, if you want to cancel, they will refund the amount that you have advanced so that you can use it in another reservation during the next 6 months.
  3. Non refundable. You will lose the deposit you paid to reserve.

What happens if I have problems arriving at the hostel?

All reservations are 100% guaranteed. If when you arrive at the hostel you have reserved they do not have space available or there is any problem, Hostelworld will return all the money you have advanced for the reservation plus an additional 50 dollars as compensation for the inconvenience.


Hostelworld is much more than a hostel search engine. They have recently introduced a lot of features to help you meet other travelerss. We think it’s a great idea, especially if you’re traveling solo but don’t want to feel alone on your adventures 🙂 Traveling is a wonderful way to meet like-minded people from many different corners of the world, so don’t miss out on making friends! To access all of these features, Download the Hostelworld app.

public profiles

Forget looking for Facebook groups of a certain destination and crossing your fingers that someone interacts with you. With Hostelworld you can see with which travelers from around the world you are going to meet in a city or even in your same hostel on the days of your trip. You can see their interests, age, likes, travel plans… basically anything they want to share on their profile!

Talk to other travelers

Once you locate who you are going to meet on your trip, you can have private direct message conversations, in addition to being part of the group chat of the city and the hostel where you are going to stay. It is a great way to share tips, recommendations and answer questions. The option to participate in these chats is activated two weeks before your check-in date and deactivated three days after check-out.

Don’t you want your profile to be public and other travelers can contact you? No problem! You can turn this feature on or off.

Make plans with other travelers

Can share your plans with the community from Hostelworld to invite other travelers. Similarly, you can join activities planned by other people They are in the same city.

Roamies, group tours with people similar to you

If you want to go beyond specific activities, you can also join multi-day group tours of various destinations in Europe, Asia, South America and Central America. With the Roamies function you will find excursions for small groups with travelers from 18 to 35 years old to very tight prices.

Local guides will accompany you both to the main tourist attractions and to secret corners. Don’t worry if you’re not a big fan of this type of tour because having all the time busy with activities overwhelms you, you’ll also have plenty of free time to explore at your leisure.


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