En is fast “Holy Week 2023 Mexico, Top Destinations” We show you some suggestions of incredible places that you can take advantage of and visit if you have days off next spring.

As we told you in “Holy Week Holidays 2023, when are they?”, beginning in April and for about two weeks, it is the date scheduled by the SEP for the second holiday period, a time that many Mexicans choose to enjoy a nice little trip.

In Mexico the possibilities are many and of indisputable beauty, the beaches are a classic of those dates and you can find them in various parts of the country, likewise, the offer of magical towns is very wide and attractive with beautiful places that you cannot miss.

Likewise, these dates have an important meaning for a large part of the Mexican population that professes Catholicism and for this reason many choose to practice religious tourism on those days visiting destinations where Easter is commemorated.

Good news for those who want to live an experience that includes a walk, rest, beautiful places and faith is that in Mexico you can find destinations where traditions complement each other very well with tourist proposals and you will surely have a wonderful time. Here are some suggestions…

Santiago de Querétaro is a very beautiful destination for this Holy Week 2023 Mexico, with a historic center that dazzles its visitors with its impressive architecture. On the tour you will find beautiful places such as the Plaza de la Corregidora, the Alameda Hidalgo, the Zenea Garden, the Aqueduct, etc.

The tourist tram can be a good option to visit the most representative sites of the destination; Do not forget to visit the market where you can enjoy the best gastronomy in the area.

From Palm Sunday religious activities begin in the capital of Queretaro, one of them is on Good Friday when from the Temple of the Holy Cross of Miracles, at about 6 in the afternoon, the Procession of Silence begins, it lasts several hours until night and passes through the historic center.

As part of this manifestation of faith there will be people dressed in robes and hoods in different colors, some of them carry wooden crosses, all walk barefoot accompanying the images of different Christs and Virgins such as the Virgin of Sorrows, all belong to the 25 state guilds.

Other municipalities such as Jalpan de Serra, Arroyo Seco, San Joaquín, Tequisquiapan, Ezequiel Montes, San Juan del Río, Bernal, etc., also have a program of both religious and tourist activities and are very close to the state capital facilitating being able to experience the different customs and traditions and, in addition, discover charming places.

And since the hot season is here, it is a good idea to visit some places such as the Adjuntas Ayutla, Cascadas Maravillas in San Joaquín, Cañón del Caracol in Maconí, the springs in Cadereyta and many more.

Holy Week 2023 Mexico

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The beautiful city of Morelia is another of the must-see cities to visit during Holy Week 2023 Mexico.

The capital of Michoacán will leave you speechless with its architecture that stands out for quarry buildings and stone streets in its historic center; the walks in this city, a World Heritage Site since 1991, will be well worth it.

Some recommended places to visit are the Jardín de las Rosas, Callejón del Romance, the Aqueduct, Plaza Morelos, San Diego’s Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe with an atrium and a dazzling interior, Temple of the Nuns, etc.

Try the corundas and a gaspacho, something typical of the local gastronomy that you will surely like.

During Holy Week, the Las Capuchinas neighborhood has great significance, that is the place where in 1976 the traditional Procession of Silence began in Morelia.

There are many brotherhoods that on those dates are part of one of the most important processions in Mexico, made up of its faithful and penitents, all of them will be part of the Procession that on Friday has Madero Avenue as its meeting point.

The tour will pass through seven balconies where the arrows are made to the Virgen de la Soledad and the Cathedral, made of pink quarry and with one of the most impressive organs in Latin America, is the place where the sound of a huge rattle is expected to arrive the more than 20 images.

You can also consult the program of activities for the entire Holy Week 2023 in Morelia.

Added to this, it is good to know that in less than an hour you will find Pátzcuaro, one of the most important tourist attractions in the state, as well as the different Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries, located about 2 hours from the capital.

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A good alternative to visit this upcoming Holy Week 2023 Mexico is Zacatecas, an incredible city declared a World Heritage Site in 1993.

From the moment you arrive at the destination, you are surprised by the beauty of its historic center with buildings of outstanding architecture, some of them in pink quarry, something unique that you have to admire.

Get on the cable car and enjoy the incredible views from the top, the Cerro de la Bufa promises to surprise you with a very beautiful natural environment, you will also find a church and several monuments, you can also venture to reach the El Edén Mine.

The Cathedral is one of the most impressive places in the place, both for its facades and for its interior, it will be a worthy place to take pictures. Get to know the Temple of Fátima, the Aqueduct, its museums, the Sierra de Alicia Park, the bullring and, above all, go for a walk, you will enjoy it.

During Holy Week in Zacatecas you can attend the Good Friday Procession, one of the important activities that are part of the Easter 2023 celebration program.

As in the aforementioned destinations, thousands of people, including faithful, penitents, local people and from neighboring towns, tourists, congregate to accompany the procession of the sacred images through the main streets of the city to the Cathedral.

Holy Week 2023 Mexico

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Living Holy Week 2023 in San Luis Potosí will be a fascinating experience that will allow you to combine a visit to the main attractions of the destination with the excitement of knowing and living the traditions of those special dates.

The Procession of Silence in San Luis Potosí is considered one of the most important not only in the Mexican Republic but also internationally and has a large number of faithful and tourists who participate in such an important event.

There are 28 brotherhoods that participate in the procession that takes place on Good Friday and that this year 2023 will have its 70th edition; Those who are active participants in the procession wear period costumes and represent with great devotion their role in what is the passion and death of Christ and the suffering of the Virgen de la Soledad.

During your visit to this beautiful city it is also a good plan to take time for a pleasant walk through the center, the beauty of its architecture will serve as an excuse to lose yourself in its streets and some enchiladas from Potosi on the way are a must.

Schedule a visit to Parque Tangamanga with proposals such as lakes, cultural centers, museums and wide green spaces to enjoy; You should also visit the Teatro de la Paz, the Plaza de San Francisco, the INAH Regional Museum and the Sanctuary of Guadalupe.

And if you have time, the Huasteca will not disappoint you.

Holy Week 2023 Mexico

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Magical town of the state of Guerrero, this destination has charming places to walk and enjoy a few days in Holy Week 2023 Mexico.

To find out about the activities of Holy Week we recommend you see details in our special post Silent Procession in Taxco, there you will discover why it is a destination that you cannot miss on those dates.

On the other hand, Taxco has great attractions that you can enjoy at Easter time or any time of the year, among the most recommended activities we have a tour of the historic center with the beautiful church of Santa Prisca where you have to climb the bell tower, an incredible view of the city will be your reward.

Dare to visit the Cristo de la Cima where you will find a viewpoint just as beautiful as the previous one, knowing a silver workshop is part of the must-see and, while we are here, do not forget to get on the cable car.

Holy Week 2023 Mexico

Holy Week 2023 Mexico

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