> that is, to feel the joy of accepting our place in the universe> LESLIE STEPHEN

For a long time I have wanted to talk to you about something that is very important to me, about the part of nature that gave me a new way of living in the world: walking in the mountains or hiking, as many of us call it.

When I was younger, I discovered that walking on the damp earth through the trees made me feel good, my body was in a state of absolute tranquility and peace, I also watched how the earth-colored paws of Paco, my dog, came and went with a profound lightness in the wind, as if they were accompanying each other and knew who each other was.

My legs also walked in a direction that went beyond me, it seemed that it was the pleasures of my body that were always going one step further, that almost unintentionally were tracing a parallel line on the mountain path.

Paco and I accompanied each other between the rocks and the sky, we never felt like we were alone.

There have been many paths that we have crossed, many natural places in company and every time we returned home, I was overcome with many questions and curiosities, every day on those returns I filled myself with letters, with stories. I wrote all of that in my diary where the writing reminded me of the speed of the wind on my face and the color of the earth under the rain, of the very small space between the mountain and the sky, I also remembered the red and yellow flowers of the little path that led me in such a subtle way to joy, to the peace of all my emotions, to the respite of my life.

I tried hard to remember everything I had experienced, to remember parts of my life, and I realized that the trails fed my memory, the memories rubbed against the rocks and seemed to be floating on the horizon.

One very special day when I reached the summit of one of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen in my life, I remembered the day my mother fell down the stairs, the moment when the biggest mountain of my life, my mother-mountain, fell and died months later.

And that day was very similar to the day when the largest glacier in Mexico, located on that mountain, had also disappeared.

I put the lyrics of Jorge Drexler, where it says;

Let’s celebrate the beauty that moves away into other lives

And even if pain hurts us, let it not abandon us

And that we find a way to say goodbye to the glaciers

Let’s find a way to say goodbye to the glaciers

I wonder then, will life be a landscape?

For many years I have been traveling and hiking in every place. I am excited to be able to reach different natural spaces around the world with my feet, leaving a footprint on little paths crossing rivers while memory unites all lives, these, those and the others.

The mountains were my first memories, nature has always accompanied my life and writing is always a way of crossing the landscape and staying suspended in the moment.

My first collaboration in a book about hiking and writing came out a few days ago, and I still can’t believe it, I can’t believe that my life has already been written in a book, a book that unites many female hikers around the world who travel through different landscapes from Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Canada and Spain.

“THE WALKERS” an essay that brings together 10 intimate stories about hiking and writing.

It is already available for sale in Spain and will soon be available in more countries.

It is a book that brings together many stories of those of us who have been part of the magic of the trails, of those of us who choose to discover the world on a human scale.

I hope that your desire to travel the world is also with your feet and that you can find your life in nature, on the trails.

I leave you the link for the sale of this wonderful book:

The Walkers. Hiking and Writing

Thank you always for reading.

From Mexico,


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