Do you think travel to Amsterdam and you don’t really know where to start organizing your trip? Don’t worry, in this post I will tell you everything you need to know. You are ready? Let’s go there!

travel to Amsterdam
One of the main canals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most interesting cities to see in Europe. The capital of Netherlands It is a mosaic of streets that offers a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. The cultural diversity that is breathed through its streets, the halo of freedom and tolerance that is perceived in every corner of the city, the belt of canals crossed by hundreds of bridges and the thousands of bikes that circulate everywhere make Amsterdam a destination unique in the world and therefore you have to visit at least once in your life.

In the article what to visit in Amsterdam I try to convey to you the sensation and enjoyment of walking and discovering some of the magical corners of Amsterdam, as you will see as you read this post.

travel to Amsterdamtravel to Amsterdam
One of Amsterdam’s canals

Many compare Amsterdam to old Venice. Its canals of immense architectural harmony and its artistic heritage with prestigious painters such as Rembrandtcould make it possible to make a certain comparison.

Talking about Amsterdam suggests a multitude of definitions, although it is true that in general, when Amsterdam is mentioned, sensitive issues such as the prostitutionlas drugs o to homosexuality; all of them based on the principle of «live and let live» and because of the love for individual freedom and the hatred of hypocrisy.

travel to Amsterdamtravel to Amsterdam

How many days do I need to travel to Amsterdam?

Travel to Amsterdam It is an excellent European destination to visit to spend 3 or 4 days. If you are looking for one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, cheap flights and even getting drugs and easily paying for sex (that’s right), Amsterdam is undoubtedly your destination.

Flights to travel to Amsterdam

If you go to travel to Amsterdam You should know that numerous airlines fly here every day. If you want to look for the best deal on flights, I recommend that you visit this website.

travel to Amsterdamtravel to Amsterdam
Canal de Amsterdam

Most international flights arrive at Schiphol Airport. Getting to the city center from the airport is very easy. In my case, I boarded the train that would take me directly to the Central Station, in the heart of Amsterdam. If you want a private transfer to get from the airport to your hotel at a competitive price, look this link.

travel to Amsterdamtravel to Amsterdam
Sunset in Amsterdam

Weather in Amsterdam

If you go to travel to Amsterdam You should know that the Atlantic influence favors gray and cloudy skies practically all year round and therefore invites you not to go too far without a raincoat and umbrella. During our 4 days of visiting the city in July it rained, on several occasions it poured torrentially for hours. Keep this in mind when planning your trip.

Where to sleep in Amsterdam

As we are B&B addicts, from the beginning we were clear that on our trip to Amsterdam we would use this type of accommodation. Searching the internet we found several accommodation websites in Amsterdam. Staying in a 17th century Dutch house, sleeping next to one of the most emblematic canals in Amsterdam (Herengracht), being in the city center and 100 m away. of Rembrand Square and the score based on user comments (9.7) from the website we consulted, meant we finally decided on the B&B Herengracht Apartment.

The experience at the B&B was very positive. The warm welcome, the attention, kindness and close treatment of Gijsje and Chan (owners of the B&B) and the excellent breakfast they served us force me to recommend it to you. You can search for accommodation in Amsterdam at this link.

Hotel canal in NetherlandsHotel canal in Netherlands
One of the streets next to our accommodation

What to visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam captured us forever. The respect and tolerance for what is different, the mix of cultures (more than 140 nationalities), colors, languages, music, clothing and that have coexisted in harmony for centuries make you want to return to continue discovering it and recommend it to people . Upon our return to Spain, the feeling we had was precisely that we were also part of Amsterdam. We are and will continue to be Amsterdam because a part of it will remain with us forever.

city ​​in netherlandscity ​​in netherlands


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