Goulash is a spicy dish, made mainly with meat, onions, peppers and paprika, originally from Eastern Europe.

Learn how to make a Goulash with Spaetzle with this recipe!

Goulash with Spaetzle

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For your Goulash with Spaetzle to be perfect, you will need the ingredients below.


  • Goulash
  • 600 grams veal (for stews)

  • 150 grams green pepper

  • 150 grams onion

  • 150 grams red pepper

  • 100 grams grated tomato

  • Broth or water

  • Sweet and hot paprika

  • Flour

  • For the spaetzle
  • 100 grams flour

  • 20 grams butter

  • One egg


  • We salt and pepper the meat.
  • Coat with flour and slightly brown it.brown meat
  • And then reserve.
  • Incorporate then the garlic, pepper and onion.
  • And once it’s saute, add the paprika and the tomato.tomato and paprika
  • Place the meat that was reserved and pour hot broth to completely cover.meat added
  • Allow to cook for two hours.
  • In the meantime, we make small balls that are called spaetzle. For this we blend the flour, the egg and butter and knead well.flour and egg
  • Once the dough for the little sparrows is ready, we add salt to the sauce and just before about 15 minutes to be finished, shape up the balls with your hand and add them to the stew.
  • To serve, decorate with some minced parsley and it’s ready!Goulash with Spaetzle

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