The history of the hamburger is a fascinating tale of how a modest street dish became an icon of fast food and culinary culture around the world.

Although the exact origin of the hamburger is a matter of debate, it is believed that its precursor could have been the “Hamburg steak,” a ground beef preparation popularized by German immigrants in the 19th century in the United States.

However, the fundamental transformation of ground beef into hamburger is commonly attributed to Louis Lassen, who supposedly served the first hamburger on a bun at his food stand in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1900. Since that time, the popularity of ground beef hamburgers began to grow and reached the whole world.

The adaptation of such a famous dish to the palates of people all over the planet has been the key to its success and in that sense, we were able to try the burgers from Gorucha’s Burger, in Mexico City.

Located in the heart of the Juárez neighborhood, its name means “supremacy or supreme” in Welsh and that is the quality that its creators seek: to have the best burger, with the best ingredients without sacrificing the price.

And they are so sure of their mix between gourmet and fast food, that they have a guarantee: “if you don’t get what you’re seeing, you don’t pay for it” – a great position compared to the social media photos that more than one of us have seen! upset.

With an offer that includes 100% beef, chicken and even vegetarian versions, Gorucha’s Burger seeks to ensure that diners are not tied to a menu and if they want to change, add or remove an ingredient, they do so by paying only for what they receive. For example, if your burger has bacon, but you don’t like it, they can remove it and reduce the price.

However, the flavors they propose are a gastronomic journey that is worth trying and if necessary, we can always adapt our tastes.

With more than three years of experience, which began as a dark kitchen, they now expand their location to offer a soda fountain with an expanded offering of drinks, milkshakes, wings, snacks and a greater variety of chips.

On our visit, we were able to try the following:

Chesse Lover: beef with Monterrey jack cheese, American cheese, provolone cheese, Oaxaca cheese, garlic dressing, roasted onion and pickles.

Hawaii: Beef with pineapple in teriyaki sauce, Oaxaca cheese, grilled onion, corn dressing.

Goruchas’s Double: beef with bacon jam, American cheese, grilled onion and garlic dressing.

Chillibean fries: French fries with Manchego cheese, chillibean, cheddar cheese and fine herbs.

Parmesan fries: French fries with parmesan cheese dressing and fine herbs.

Onion rings: Breaded natural onion rings


Photo: Karla Campos

Italian soda

Where: C. Lucerna 72 a, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Mexico City, CDMX

Precio: $$


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