For bargain hunters and savings lovers, here we present “Good End 2021, Tips to find travel deals”, a post with super interesting info…

As many of us know, November is a month that has a special place on the agenda of those of us who seek to find good prices on products and services that we need or simply want to buy.

The reason, the long-awaited Good End 2021, a good opportunity to buy a little trip to the Riviera Maya, or meet a beautiful Magical Town, visit a nice hotel to rest and so the list can go on…

The important thing is to give yourself the pleasure of traveling again!

What is the Good End?

There are many of us who are very clear about what the Good End is, but we are going to introduce the subject to those people who can still be classified as lacking knowledge about it…

El Buen Fin is a date on which businesses throughout Mexico launch special promotions that apply to a wide variety of products and services and whose objective is to support the family economy, encourage activity in the domestic market and increase formal commerce.

These special promotions or offers can be significant discounts ranging from 15% to 70% or perhaps promotions such as 2×1 or there are also others that include additional products and/or services, etc.

The variety of products is so wide that many people already have a list of the objects or services they want to purchase and their priority; you find huge screens and many electronic products at incredible prices, there are also super deals on flights, stays or packages in hotels of all kinds, not to mention clothing and shoe stores for all ages or large supermarkets and their products, much to consider…

When is the Good End 2021?

Since its first edition in 2011, the Good End is an event that takes place every year the third week of November; In this year, the specific date of the Good End is from November 10 to 16, 2021.

good end 2021

Tips to find good travel deals in the next Good End 2021

With the wide variety of products and services that you can find with sales in the Good End 2021, it is a good idea to have some tips up your sleeve to make those purchases you plan more effective.

1. One of the first recommendations is to check the prices of the same product in different stores months or weeks beforehand and thus ensure that you do not fall for deception.

2. It is also good to have information about available payment options; This is because there are some credit cards that include extra benefits such as monthly payments without interest, payment after a certain month, special discounts, etc.

3. In the case of hotel stays, a good suggestion is to compare several hotels of the same category, in addition to checking location, amenities and services, so you get several options and you can choose a good price that meets your expectations of a rest unforgettable.

Remember that we can advise you and help you in your search process, you can dial us at 8004440618 or enter our website HERE, we already have many proposals for you.

4. In the case of offers or discounts on flights, you should always check what is included in that payment; keep in mind that they may not include luggage, it may not include the airport tax, etc. It is important to make sure about these items to avoid surprises when traveling.

5. Another tip that can help is to take care of your credit card expenses a few months before, so you can have spending margin and be able to give yourself that pleasure that you long for.

It is also important to be responsible with expenses and manage them in a way that does not affect your economy or that of others.

Keep reading, there are more tips for this Good End 2021…

6. Try to be flexible with the destinations and promotions that you can access, that is, if you find a good offer to a destination that was not in your plans, go ahead and investigate a little about that place and perhaps give it a chance to enjoy a trip amazing.

The same applies to the variety of tours you can do, Mexico is incredibly beautiful and each destination has something to discover.

7. Buy considering the dates you can make the trip; This clarification may seem unnecessary, but there are those who get carried away by the emotion of a good offer and then cannot make the trip or have to pay extra to postpone or advance it.

8. Although it is also something obvious, it is never too much to recommend: Buy on Secure Sites.

In the case of the Good End you can check on its official website if the business is registered, here the Link; on the other hand, to verify if the agency is legal you can enter the SECTUR and check if the company is in the National Registry of Tourism, here the Link.

9. One last piece of advice for your purchase of Buen Fin 2021 is to consult all the details of the service you are going to contract. It is important to have the details in your purchase voucher to avoid misunderstandings or unwanted surprises when traveling.

Time may pass between the purchase and the completion of the trip and that can impact the terms and conditions of the trip, to avoid this, it is better to have everything clear between you and the seller.


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