Trips to the beach are always a good opportunity to eat fresh seafood, but what about the fudis around the world when are they vegetarian? A few weeks ago, Alan around the world’s team traveled to the Riviera Nayarit on their integration trip and for the first time we took a member who did not eat meat.

Although every day there are more people with vegetarian, vegan diets or with some dietary restrictions, it is always important that they look for places where they can enjoy a good gastronomic experience.

Apps like Instagram o foursquare They will be your best allies. However, hotels and restaurants are often open to offer you a special menu, ask and request your preferences in advance.

Photo: Karla Campos

We stayed in the Hotel Delta Riviera Nayarit and as we tell you in this article, they were incredible days of relaxation that were seasoned with first-class cuisine that catered to our requests.

At the Tonati beach club, we had the opportunity to taste two types of menus (regular and vegetarian), which were adapted so as not to lose the beach essence by chef Diego Cortes. Go ahead with the images of both proposals:

Vietnamese roll:

With shellfish and vegetables wrapped in a rice sheet.

Photo: Karla CamposWith vegetables and avocado wrapped in rice leaf.

Photo: Karla CamposRed Aguachile:

With shrimp and a subtle itch, ideal for a hot afternoon.

Photo: Miriam Rivera

The vegetarian version had mushrooms, a great twist!Photo: Karla CamposThe main course was divided into two:

Zarandeado fish with chicharrón de pescado.

Photo: Karla CamposQuinoa salad

Photo: Karla Campos

The dessert was an ice cream with grapefruit, ginger and mint:

Photo: Karla CamposOn another occasion, at the Huichol restaurant we had a tasting menu dinner by Executive Sous Chef Cristian Mendoza, which included the following dishes:

Tuna aguachile with manzano pepper and ginger.

Photo: Karla CamposThe other option had mushrooms and a sweet and sour sauce.

Photo: Karla CamposMushroom cappuccino suitable for everyone.

Photo: Karla CamposTraditional tetela stuffed with barbecue with avocado leaf. The vegetarian version contained vegetables inside.

Photo: Karla CamposOctopus with spices and cauliflower puree.

Photo: Karla CamposThe vegetarian dish this time was a Delta-style Pad Thai.

Photo: Karla CamposFor dessert, we all enjoyed a Petit foure with white chocolate with berries.

Photo: Karla Campos Adapting the dishes is a great way to continue enjoying, that’s how we were able to savor a delicious soy burger on the beach, a great snack that we all share!

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