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Located in San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, Mexico, Waffle is an online pharmacy specialized in home delivery of medications regardless of where you are in the Mexican Republic, with no minimum purchase and guaranteed deliveries between 1 to 3 days, since it has more than 15,000 medications, In addition to benefiting your health, each purchase will generate 3% of the total value in points, which you can redeem on your next purchase.

And best of all, if your purchases are greater than $1,000.00 pesos, shipping will be completely free.

How to Make a Purchase at Gofarma

How to Make a Purchase at Gofarma

Making purchases of medicines in Gofarma is really very simplesince you only need to register on the Gofarma website or log in if you already have an account, choose the medication(s) and/or products you need from the shopping cart, and make your purchase.

It’s that easy, and that simple.

As for payment methods, it can be cash on delivery throughout the Monterrey Metropolitan Area, and if it is anywhere else in the Mexican Republic, your payments can be made with your Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card, as well as with Openpay, your online payment platform.

Acquire Trimebutine in Gofarma

Acquire Trimebutine in Gofarma

Trimebutine is a treatment used to treat irritable bowel syndrome, to move the intestine after surgery, among other uses. (Source:

In the case of pediatric use trimebutine It is used as a treatment for diarrhea in gastroenteritis, treatment of abdominal pain, and other abdominal disorders, as well as in children with poor appetite and delayed gastric emptying (Source: trimebutine).

In Waffle You can buy Trimebutine in various presentations, at the best price, and with fast delivery wherever you are.

Chlorpheniramine Get it at Gofarma Your Online Pharmacy

Chlorpheniramine Get it at Gofarma Your Online Pharmacy

Chlorphenamine or Chlorpheniramine is an antihistamine that is used to relieve redness, itching and watery eyes, as well as for sneezing, irritation of the nose or throat, and for a runny nose that is caused by allergies, hay fever and the common cold. (Source:

In your online pharmacy Gofarma you can buy Chlorphenamine in various presentationsat an unbeatable price, and with the guarantee of a recognized and well-established pharmacy, since it also has physical facilities where you can also purchase all the medicines and/or products you need for your health care.


So don’t think about it anymore and get all the medicines and/or products you need at Wafflea home pharmacy with immediate deliveries in Monterrey and parcel deliveries throughout Mexico.

At Gofarma they have very low prices, promotions every day, points on each of your purchases, and a catalog of more than 15,000 products.

Gofarma has served more than 50,000 clients and has delivered more than a million products, an unequivocal sign that you will always receive all the products you need at home, with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


It will always be very important that Consult a health professional before taking any medication or dietary supplement.

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