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Education is the basis that allows a society to develop and maintain a stable growth rate. Youth are on this path from childhood, the problem is when they reach a certain age and notice that the economy at home is not so good. Before leaving school, it is best to apply for a scholarship.

The scholarships are economic allocations directed by the government of the State of Mexico and some other entities to ensure that students who are members of low-income families have the opportunity to continue their academic training.

If you are in that condition, you can apply for your scholarship in 2022 and take advantage of the time to have everything ready before the next course begins. This measure It will help keep accounts at home stable without putting at risk the professional future of those who need it most. Of course, you have to be vigilant to meet all the requirements and thus ensure that they are granted without inconvenience.

Requirements to apply for a scholarship

In order for the scholarships to be assigned to those who really need them, registration calls are usually held that allow the applications and collections presented to be assessed and thus validate who will be the beneficiaries. Regarding this, the requirements are:

  • Identification document that accredits him as a native Mexican citizen.
  • Be duly enrolled in a study center, be it elementary school, high school or college level. It is important to check that there is a good level of assistance.
  • Hold a grade point average of 8 points, without any subject having been failed. For this, the certification of grades validated by the SEP is requested.
  • Have the CURP.
  • Letter indicating address.
  • Maintain a family income no exceed 4 minimum wages.

All these requirements must be worked with honesty and precision that a matter of this nature demands. In addition, if it is a minor, it is necessary to reflect the data of his legal representative.

It is important to note that scholarships are not always given in cash, but they can also be worked on based on resources that help for specific cases. Such is the situation that occurs when providing computers, medical insurance or bicycles to facilitate transportation.

It should also be noted that in the event that the payment is made in cash or by deposit, these may have a different frequency of application that could occupy monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual or annual payments.

Recommendations to be a beneficiary of a scholarship

Although the decision of who to grant scholarships corresponds to the entity that assigns them, there are certain recommendations that are useful when entering a process of this nature and coming out with positive results. These are:

  • Pay attention to calls to meet the established schedule and avoid setbacks. If you take advantage of the first few days you can have everything in order and thus move forward with more security.
  • Verify the way in which they will receive the requirements and the general modality of the process. This is so because in some cases the entire process is face-to-face, in others everything is virtual and in others a mixed modality is applied.
  • Pay attention to the dates when the results will be issued to give a timely response and ensure that you will enjoy the benefit. Sometimes it may be necessary to open a bank account where the benefit will be received.
  • Maintain an appropriate student profilewith good attendance and qualifications to continue enjoying the benefit.

Scholarships are grants that seek to keep students motivated throughout their career. In this way, a better future is assured for the country and for the youth that, under other circumstances, could be drowned in vices.


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