In one more episode of Fudis around the World… hey Bandita, my friend Cope Amezcua ( and me We went to learn how chocolate clams are caught and how oysters are farmed in Bahía Magdalena, in Baja California Sur (Mexico).

We did both tours with blessed sea and you can reserve them on their website.


The easiest way to get to Bahía Magdalena is to fly to La Paz, BCS and rent a car to drive to Puerto San Carlos (approximately 3 hours drive). There are also buses, but it is a bit more complicated.


To stay we recommend the beautiful Hotel Villas Mar y Arena The night is 2 thousand pesos although it depends on the type of room and the season of the year.


We depart from the San Carlos Pier, and board the panga with Tito and Herssa from Bendito Mar to go and capture chocolate clams. The fisherman dives about 10 meters with hookah diving, with a long hose connected to a machine on board the panga, while the travelers await the feast.

After about half an hour, once on the boat, there is an unlimited “All you can eat” feast of clams. The tour costs approximately 800 MXN and includes a Pacífico beer whale or a glass of wine.


The tour takes place in front of San Buto Beach, where they have almost 1 million of these bivalve mollusks growing in a controlled and sustainable manner. The oyster “seeds” are planted and grown using an Australian method of flotation, and spring tides take care of the rest, naturally. This type of oyster (of Japanese origin) does not grow wild in Mexico, so oyster farming is the only option to reproduce and preserve it.

The Bendito Mar experience consists of walking through its farms and at the end trying the oysters, paired with wine and beer, at a table placed in the middle of the oyster farm. It’s wonderful! See how the tides go down and allow for a few hours a day this extraordinary tasting. The tour costs approximately 500 MXN and includes a Pacífico beer whale or a glass of wine.


Finally, there is another project, which was not yet ready when we went but at the time of writing this article it is already there, and it is Oyster Farm and Lodge by FISM ( A glamping in Estero Banderitas where you can do, in addition to the activities we did (chocolata clams and oysters), kayaking through the mangroves, bird watching and a deep rest in this place of absolute peace.

If you are lovers of clams and oysters, this is a tour that you cannot miss! See you in the next collaboration. Don’t forget to follow me: and of course to the Fudis around the World account:


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