By: Zafrina Hale

Our travel story is not like that of most, it was not a vacation trip but a move, due to a job offer we moved from Puerto Vallarta to Cancun, but what makes the story exciting is that we did it driving, with all our moving in the cars and 4 little dogs.

It was 5 days of driving, making stops to sleep, and facing the fact that in many places they do not have the culture of pet friendly hotels, we also faced many corrupt police officers who stopped us and threatened to take our cars if we didn’t give them some help. $$.

Despite all those obstacles and the fact that it rained 90% of the way, we made it, we left Puerto Vallarta and the first stop to sleep was Michoacán, then it was from Michoacán to Puebla, then Puebla to Tabasco and from Tabasco onwards it was to sleep At gas stations, of course we made our stops to try a little of the gastronomy of each place, and although it was very tiring, it was quite an adventure.

We arrived at our destination, unfortunately the job offer was not as we had been told and what do you think? We’re already going back with a lot of things to Puerto Vallarta XD.

This trip was one of those unexpected ones, not for pleasure but with great adventures.

Greetings, I hope we will soon take a trip like this but only to get to know the Republic and enjoy each place.

The post From Puerto Vallarta to Cancún first appeared on Alan x el Mundo.

The post From Puerto Vallarta to Cancún appeared first on Alan x el Mundo.


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