Free things to do in Mazatlan” is a post for those people who are hesitating to make a getaway to the beach to get away from the cold for a few days…

It is December and we are in the winter season in a large part of Mexico, also, there are still a few more cold months to go, so a little trip of a few days to one of the beautiful beaches that you find in the country would not hurt at all.

The good thing about living in Mexico is that you don’t have to travel enormous distances to find the sea, a couple of hours by plane and warmth and a beautiful sea await you; Cancun, the Riviera Maya and the beautiful beaches of Yucatan such as Sisal, Celestún, await you in the east of the country; if you have no other options to the west, Vallarta, Los Cabos, the Riviera Nayarit, Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Manzanillo, Acapulco and of course Mazatlán are part of those options.

It is clear that there is a lot to choose from, but if what worries you is the budget, it is a good idea to investigate options, such as the one that we provide you here about what are the free activities in Mazatlán…

Mazatlán, an ideal destination all year round

Recognized as La Perla del Pacífico, it is an unmissable tourist destination and as such has a wide range of services for visitors to enjoy their days in the city to the fullest.

You will have many proposals to entertain yourself and have a great time and the good thing is that there are many free activities to do in Mazatlan and others with very affordable prices.

As in any tourist site, consider asking for prices and avoiding excessive charges, for example, in a pulmonía ride, a kind of motorcycle taxi with music that takes you along the boardwalk from one end to the other.

Consider renting a bicycle to tour the boardwalk, it is surely a good idea and you will enjoy yourself.

You will also have many places to eat delicious on the beach or in the center, the Tianguis Jacarandas is where you can find a wide variety of beautiful souvenirs at a good price.

The nightlife in the golden zone promises to give you fun and unforgettable nights.

Free activities in Mazatlan

Enjoy a day at the beach

The beaches in Mazatlán are free to access so you will be able to enjoy them all, it will depend on your tastes and your time to visit them.

For lovers of a quiet day at the beach, Sábalo beach at the northern end of the Golden Zone and Cerritos beach, at the northern end of Nuevo Mazatlán, are the most recommended.

Playa Norte, located between the center and the golden zone, is one of the most popular, it has places to eat delicious seafood and enjoy a very good atmosphere.

For those who enjoy adrenaline and surfing, the best waves will be found at Olas Altas beach, Los Pinos beach and Brujas beach; in the first you can also admire the divers.

Playa Las Gaviotas and Playa Camarón are the ideal place for those who enjoy a more party atmosphere, you can find them in the golden zone and you can also visit Isla de la Piedra beach.

Basilica Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Mazatlan

One of the unmissable free activities to do in Mazatlán is a visit to the Cathedral, an experience that is really worth it.

With an eclectic architectural design, both inside and outside, that combines neo-Moorish and neo-Gothic styles, it is a jewel of the city that you should not stop admiring.

Free things to do in Mazatlan

salt water pool

Enjoying a free pool in Mazatlán is possible, you just have to go to the boardwalk, right at the height of Gral. Ángel Flores street and the sea, next to the monument to José Ángel Espinoza.

It is ideal to take a dip in a pool that is in the sea; It is good to know that it is not very deep and it has a section for children, so there are no excuses not to go and enjoy.

Visit the best spots for your photos

The Malecón de Mazatlán is dazzlingly beautiful, you can explore it on foot, and if you get tired, there are very cheap public transport options that return you the same way. It has 21 km.

Throughout its route it offers many alternatives to obtain the best photos in its different monuments and not to mention its incredible sunsets.

Be sure to take a nice photo in one of the most instagrammable streets of the destination such as Ángel Flores street, with its beautiful houses with colored facades.

Liverpool Alley, is another of the postcards of the city where you will find an outstanding decoration in honor of the Beatles, with the famous yellow submarine, the telephone booth and music that accompanies it.

Machado Square

An excellent free plan in Mazatlán is to walk through this beautiful square that is located a few streets from the Malecón.

Ideal for a day visit that allows you to admire its beauty with its palm trees and green areas, a beautiful kiosk, in addition to the architecture of the buildings that surround it, everything complements each other and results in a perfect setting to have a good time.

At night it also has its charm, the lights give it a special touch, you will also find a pleasant atmosphere with people who enjoy the walk and visit the artisan stalls; there are also cafes and restaurants, some with live music shows that you can enjoy on your tour.

Free things to do in Mazatlan

Cerro del Crestón, El Faro and the Mirador de Cristal

One more option that we add to the list of free things to do in Mazatlán, is to go up to the Mazatlán lighthouse, an activity that will require some physical effort since you have to climb a long flight of stairs.

Do not get discouraged and remove it from your list, it is a unique experience that you will love to live and the good thing is that you can do it at your own pace, without rushing and admiring the beauty of the city from above.

It is worth clarifying that what is not free is the visit to the Mirador de Cristal, which costs only $20 pesos, a minimum price for what you will enjoy, so it is as if it were free access. Seize it!

Free things to do in Mazatlan


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