In the heart of Mexico’s Pacific coast, in the picturesque town of Playa Bonfil, a gastronomic festival is held that pays tribute to a delicious culinary tradition: the Pescado a la Talla Festival. From October 14 to 21, food lovers and travelers eager for authentic experiences have an unmissable date in this magical corner of the state of Guerrero.

A Dish with History

Pescado a la Talla is an iconic dish from the coastal region of Mexico, with roots dating back only about 50 years. It is said that this recipe originated in Acapulco, where Don Beto Godoy (one of my darlings in Acapulco) and his wife, Gregoria Galeana, arrived following in the footsteps of the patriarch and seeking to fulfill the dream of opening a restaurant and, with the creativity of Doña Gregoria ; a couple of chilies and spices created this unique and iconic dish; Of which they say, the real secret is in the sauce that requires a kind of “good hand” for the seasoning

The “carving” technique refers to the incision made in the fish so that the flavors infiltrate each bite. Today, Pescado a la Talla is a regional delicacy known for its spicy and smoky flavor throughout the world.

Another version of the origin of this dish says that, generations ago, a local fisherman, in his desire to impress a distinguished visitor, improvised this recipe using the ingredients he had at his disposal. The result was so spectacular that the preparation was passed down from generation to generation and became a local tradition.

Another fascinating detail is related to the choice of fish. It is said that fishermen used to select the largest and tastiest fish and carefully carve it to cook in honor of the sea gods, as an offering for their generosity.

Whatever the true origin of carving fish, I am sure of one thing: it is one of the most delicious dishes you can try if you visit the Pacific coast.

Bonfil Beach: A Paradise on Earth

The Carved Fish Festival is not only an opportunity to savor this culinary delight, but also an invitation to explore the natural beauty of Playa Bonfil.

Located in the Bay of Puerto Marqués about 14 kilometers from the center of Acapulco, you will find golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters that make this place a paradise for lovers of the sun and the sea and, of course, surfing. It is a hidden treasure in Acapulco where you can enjoy activities such as sport fishing, diving, surfing and bird watching.

Famous for its spectacular waves; It is considered a virgin beach away from all the tourist bustle; with a relaxed atmosphere, one of those that seems to stop time… It is the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

Come and Join the Celebration

Do you need an excuse to visit it? For 10 years and with the aim of promoting tourism in the state, the Playa Bonfil Carving Fish Festival has been held; an event in which area restaurants prepare their best recipe and show it to the world. The Festival will be full of cultural activities; artistic and gastronomic that will fill your day with color and flavor.

I invite you to join the celebration of a great Mexican culinary tradition at the Pescado a la Talla Festival in Playa Bonfil. Delight in the unique flavors, learn the stories behind this dish and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this Pacific coast. The magic of Mexico awaits you in every bite and in every corner of this extraordinary destination. Do not miss it! See you at Bonfil Beach!!

I leave you kisses travelers and we read the next escape


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