Today June 12 we celebrate Saint Philip of Palermo who was a Christian deacon.

Saint Philip of Palermo was born in Palermo, Italy, and died in the year 130.

Saint Philip of Palermo was born through the prayers of Saint Philip of Agira and at the age of 8 he was brought before the saint to ask for his blessing.

In Palermo San Felipe de Palermo was consecrated deacon and once his parents died he went to the city of Agira.

In this place San Felipe de Palermo lived under the direction of his teacher San Felipe de Agira.

Saint Philip of Palermo asked to be buried in Agira, and so it was.

San Felipe de Palermo is considered the co-patron saint of Agira.

In fact, all this is nothing but a legendsince San Felipe de Agira lived in a very different time (5th century) to that of San Felipe de Palermo.

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