Feast of Saints Máximo, Dadas and Quintiliano April 28


Today, April 28, we celebrate Saints Maximus, Dadas and Quintilian who were Christian martyrs.

Saints Maximus, Dadas and Quintilian during the persecutions against Christians ordered by the Roman Emperor Diocletian were imprisoned, tortured, and executed due to their Catholic faith.

Saints Maximus, Dadas and Quintilian died in Silistra, Bulgaria, in the year 303.

Maximus, Dadas and Quintiliano were brothers.

There is no more information about the life and work of Santos Máximo, Dadas and Quintiliano.

Although what is a fact is that its celebration takes place on the day 28th of April.

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Source: https://www.edy.com.mx/2022/04/fiesta-santos-maximo-dadas-y-quintiliano-28-de-abril/

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