By: Maru Casanova

Hello! I am Maru and I love many things in this world. The animals, the music, the food; but I have a love that surpasses borders, an inexplicable and unconditional love, and that is the love of traveling.

And within the love of traveling, I love visiting places with extreme landscapes, the kind that take your breath away and seem from another planet.

During the pandemic, I had the time to watch a lot of videos of travelers. I spent hours delighting in different destinations and longing to one day visit each of them.

Until one day I met a traveler who visited the Faroe Islands and it was love at first sight. When I watched the video I couldn’t believe that such an incredible place existed on our planet, so magical, so challenging.

From that moment on, I had no doubt that I had to get to know that place in some way.

I immediately started to find out everything, how to get there, costs, times; and as I investigated, my spirits began to decline; It was totally out of my league at the time.

But dreams are meant to be fulfilled, and for a couple of years I worked and fought to find a way to reach my dream destination.

Together with my partner, who knew perfectly well my love for traveling, my deep desire and desire to get to know that place, we worked tirelessly, without losing focus on our objective. Until one day, we decided.

Although we were not yet in our best economic moment, we did not doubt it anymore. We talked and my partner supported me and encouraged me to take the step together, even if we had to make some sacrifices.

That year, I finally fulfilled my dream: we went to see the Faroe Islands.

From then on in this story, I have nothing but words of gratitude to the entire universe for giving me the opportunity to fulfill this incredible dream.

This was for me the relentless test that shows that when you really want something good with all your heart and work tirelessly to achieve it, that something can finally come true.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this dream!


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