This May 24th Fantasmic returns! to Rivers of America at Disneyland Park, Disney’s longest-running and beloved nighttime show, which will feature new special effects and a reimagined battle between Mickey the Sorcerer and Maleficent.

Also, Fantasmic! will have the return of the iconic Peter Pan scene that will include The Lost Boys who will join Peter Pan and Wendy in their confrontation, on board, with Captain Hook.

Fantasmic! is a nighttime show where Mickey Mouse faces a series of villains using the power of his imagination, and memorable moments from great Disney stories, such as Fantasia, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King, come to life through projections made with high technology, exciting live performances and character appearances, as well as dazzling lighting, flashing pyrotechnic effects and iridescent fog effects.

Fantasmic! It premiered in 1992 and became the first nighttime show in a Disney park that took advantage of the latest technology to combine it with an outdoor show that includes two sailboats: the Mark Twain Riverboat and the Sailing Ship Columbia.

In the confrontation between Mickey the sorcerer and Maleficent, Mickey concentrates all his magical powers creating whirlwinds of colored lights while pyrotechnic effects emanate from his fingers. Maleficent, wrapped in her dark dress and the villainous version of her, rises to a height of 10.6 meters appearing to set the Rivers of America on fire.

The show lasts 25 minutes and 100 cast members participate.


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