Although renting is one of the most sought-after alternatives in the country, buying a property is still the best option. That is why it is relevant to pay attention to this article and learn how you can enjoy a housing loan.

And speaking of loans, INFONAVIT is one of the best options to acquire a home. This post explains What is this type of credit about?who it is for and how you can request it.

What is Infonavit?

Infonavit is a mortgage loan whose purpose is to contribute to those who want to acquire a home, whether newly built or second-hand. It is also possible to request it if you have your own land and want to build a home from scratch.

It also offers certain types of credit for those who already have a home and want to make improvements or extensions. Even those who have a mortgage with another financial institution can benefit from this credit to cushion the one they already have.

If you consider that your case is similar to one of those mentioned, you must follow the following steps:

1. Have all the requirements

In order to acquire the Infonavit credit you must have the following:

  • Have a fixed income.
  • have at least 116 Infonavit points.
  • Have an approximate of how much monthly money the family group has.
  • Two personal references. These should include updated contact details.
  • Use of eco-technology in the new home, since Infonavit requires it on a mandatory basis. To implement it you have the option of obtaining it through a second credit. All this to comply with the Green mortgage program.
  • Fill out the credit application form that Infonavit will deliver.

The ideal is to contact the advisor service, which provides a personalized consultation online. It is important not to make mistakes when answering the form, since the diagnosis you will receive will depend on the answers given in order to obtain the credit.

2. Prequalify

The second phase is prequalification. The same can be done online. When this step is finished, you can know if you have the 116 Infonavit points you need. This can be approved with the savings in the Housing Subaccount, as well as the amount to be added to the credit. On the other hand, there is the calculation of administrative, operational and titling payments. And finally, the amount that the employer will have to deduct each month is established.

To obtain Infonavit points, age, monthly income, Infonavit savings and the period of time during which the company where you work has made contributions on behalf of the applicant are considered.

3. Gather the required documents

If you have the 116 points required by Infonavit, you will now have to collect and present the following documents to one of its offices:

  • Application for credit registration.
  • Original and copy of certified birth certificate.
  • Original and copy of the identity document.
  • Social Security number.

If the credit is with the spouse, it must include:

  • Original and copy of marriage certificate.
  • Original and copy of the identity document of the spouse.
  • Original and copy of the spouse’s birth certificate.

If what you want is to buy a home, you must add the following:

  • Copy of the statement of the bank account of the person who sells with interbank ClABE.
  • Electronic appraisal of the home to be purchased.
  • Housing Quality Technical Opinion that has not exceeded six months.
  • A copy of the home ownership title.

4. Submit the Infonavit credit application

Having all the requirements needed to apply for the credit, these must be taken to an Infonavit user service office.

5. Provide the documents to the notary

Only if Infonavit has granted you a loan will you go through this step. The documents must be delivered to a notary to finalize the procedure.

6. Download the Discount Withholding Notice

At this point, if everything has gone well, you should have an Infonavit electronic account. The Discount Withholding Notice must be downloaded and printed. This notice must be signed by both the interested person and the company where he works, which must also seal it.

7. Submit to the notary the Notice of Retention of Discounts

This phase comes after signing the document. This document is useful in the future in the event that you change jobs, if you have to sign a restructuring or at the end of your mortgage.


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