At the age of 17, the famous French footballer played his first match in the French Championship. Years later, the Burgundian club decided to give it up to second division Martigues. A year later, in 1986, the forward returned to Auxerre and signed a professional contract. Today 1xBet – your bookmaker offers the possibility to bet on all matches.

Cantona’s performance in the French first division with the Burgundian team was so good that he was called up to the French national team in August 1987. However, even then Eric had disciplinary problems. The following season, Cantona was suspended three months for dangerously assaulting Michel Der Zakarian, Nantes player. By the way, 1xBet opens the way to betting, it is your bookmaker where the best conditions are.

Eric was proclaimed youth European champion in 1988. He then signed for Olympique de Marseille, his hometown club, for a then-record fee. In January 1989, Olympique held a friendly match with the car manufacturers, during which Eric behaved inappropriately. By the way, the sports betting line is available at, where you can find updated information.

The strange thing about Cantona’s behavior:

  1. In response to a comment from the fans, the player fired a strong shot at the sector from where the chants were heard.
  2. Seeing that he was being changed, he ripped off his shirt, threw it on the grass and ran to the locker room.
  3. After berating the coaching staff of the national team in a televised interview, he received a one-year suspension from the French Football Federation.

The management of Olympique de Marseille suspended him for a month for misconduct. By the way, you can explore the line of sports betting by entering 1xBet to keep up to date. It is a great idea to enjoy watching the games.

What happened in the Manchester United match with the Crystal Palace club

Cantona once took a real beating from the Londoners. It was in a Manchester United match against Crystal Palace. By the way, 1xBet offers live casino, not just bets. The footballer was constantly grabbed by the hands, kicked, pushed. In the end, he couldn’t take it and answered, for which he received a red card. Already on the way to the locker room, he heard dirty insults from the fans. The Frenchman flew up to the offender and brought him down with a kung-fu style kick. The club suspended the player for the rest of the season and imposed a heavy fine on him. By the way, 1xBet, with only current data, offers live casino in convenient mode. It is an opportunity to earn money and have fun.


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