The Chiles en Nogada season is about to begin, even in some places in Mexico you can already taste this exquisite dish.

The Chiles en Nogada are representative of Mexico, however they originate from the state of Puebla, so what better way to enjoy them than in this part of the country.

In Puebla, two events will be held where locals and travelers will be able to learn more about this dish, taste it and even acquire ingredients to prepare them at home.

These are the International Festival of Chile in Nogada and the Fair of Chile in Nogada.

The International Festival of Chile en Nogada will be held every weekend in August in the municipality of San Nicolás de los Ranchos, where 40 traditional cooks will participate and offer this dish.

This festival has been celebrated for 20 years and in addition to tasting the dish, visitors can purchase ingredients such as walnuts (high vacuum packed), pears, peaches, among others.

There will also be sale of handicrafts, regional products and cultural activities.

The headquarters of the International Festival of Chile in Nogada will be the sports field “El Ciprés”, in San Nicolás de los Ranchos, in Puebla.

San Nicolás de los Ranchos is located just over two hours from Mexico City and just over an hour from Puebla.

The Chile en Nogada Fair will celebrate its nineteenth edition from August 5 to 28 in the municipality of San Andrés Calpan, in Puebla.

37 traditional cooks will participate in this fair, who will have a stand in the main street of Calpan; In addition, 70 private homes will open their doors to offer this dish to visitors.

There will also be sale of chilies, walnuts, peaches, apples, pears, among other local products.

In addition, there will be an exhibition of handicrafts, mechanical games will be installed, there will be artistic and cultural activities, and tours of the fields so that travelers know the origin of this dish.

If you want to know more about San Andrés Calpan, you can visit the former Franciscan convent from the 16th century, through a guided tour or on your own; go to the tourist viewpoint and appreciate natural landscapes that have volcanoes as background.

San Andrés Calpan is located approximately two hours from Mexico City, and one hour from the city of Puebla.

So if you are lovers of Chiles en Nogada and want to take a short break, this is a very good option. And if you know more places to explore and taste this dish, share them in the comments.

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