On the beautiful coasts of the Mexican Caribbean, this destination is surrounded by spectacular nature.

Away from the movement and bustle of Cancun, it is located Beach Women, traveling by car just over half an hour. The area is surrounded by natural beauty, with a few hotel chains and urban development that they have controlled, so you will find very few inhabitants.

Playa Mujeres is the perfect place to enjoy fresh fish by the sea, swim with sharks, let the clock tick while the hours go by slowly, contemplate the turquoise green of the waters mix with the impeccable white of the sands or take it as a central point to get to know other beaches that are just a few minutes away.

Therefore, if you are looking for a luxury destination to spend an unforgettable momentyour best choice should be Playa Mujeres, in the state of Quintana Roo, which you can reach through one of the two airports, by car or by taking one of the bus routes.


The offer of activities to do in this beautiful place is wide. in this guide we have selected seven things you should plan to pass the time and enjoy your visit to Playa Mujeres to the fullest.

Enjoy the sunsets

The postcards with the incredible sunsets that the Caribbean Sea gives you will live them and enjoy them to the fullest in person lying on the seashore, watching how the sun goes down and slowly changes the color of the waters welcoming you to the night.

But not only the sunsets are spectacular, if you stay in one of the luxury Resorts located on the island. You will also see how the sun begins to rise timidly until it is at the perfect point to spend the day submerged in the sea.

Go snorkelling

If you didn’t know, in Playa Mujeres you can find the second largest barrier reef in the world, also passing through Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. By immersing yourself, you will be able to meet around 65 coral species, along with some 500 types of fish, a huge diversity of shapes and colors.

If you search a little, you will find excursions that adapt to your budget, so if you are passionate about the sea, you will enjoy a lot in the depth knowing incredible places with the necessary equipment.

Stay in a luxury resort

This lodging is a perfect combination to enjoy the stay, relaxed and disconnected from the hectic pace of everyday life. The design inspired by contemporary Mexican art is completed with views of the ocean and golf courses.

most of Hotels in Playa Mujeres are for adults only. One of them is ATELIER, which is for people over 16 years old with everything included. Its classification is +5 stars and the visitor is immersed in a magical experience that combines art, culture and nature in a unique concept.

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