In Mexico, lovers of fish and shellfish will be able to delight themselves with exquisite dishes and proposals from renowned Mexican chefs in a culinary festival organized by Fisher’s House and Culinaria Mexicana.

During this culinary festival, nationally and internationally recognized chefs will participate with unique proposals in which fish and shellfish will be the protagonists, in addition to the culinary specialties of the chefs, with sustainable food being the key to the creations.

This festival will last one year, and in the first stage that can be enjoyed for two months, you will find creations by chef Arturo Pérez Manrique, who has a proposal for five new dishes, which are:

  • sea ​​bass cevichein tomato and yuzu water, Cherry Bloody Mary tomatoes, serrano pepper, cilantro and avocado.

  • Stone Bathblackened bao bread, oriental yogurt, pork belly, grilled shrimp and apple and fennel salad.

  • Cilantro Sea Bass Lonjabaked in a cilantro, citrus and tree chili sauce.

  • softshell toastmade with charcoal-grilled pita bread, with soft shell crab, macha mayonnaise, ginger, pickled xoconostle, furikake and avocado.

  • Grilled pickled octopusCreole puree, pickled vegetables and coriander aioli.

In addition, these dishes can be accompanied by the proposals of the mixologist Riesler Morales, which are three incredible cocktails.

  • Clamato Cucurmbé, Made with Unión Joven mezcal with Clamato, passion fruit pulp, squid ink, celery salt, Baja oyster, peelable shrimp, octopus and spicy sauce from the chef’s special recipe.

  • Garibaldi Fizzserved in a tub and decorated with ducklings, Tanqueray, Aperol, Campari, orange juice and hazelnut essence.

  • Dry Martiniprepared with Tanqueray 10°, with a breeze of Dry Vermouth ready to serve, accompanied by shortened baby vegetables, extracted from the chinampa.

Something that the mixologist Riesler Morales wanted to do with these cocktails is for diners to live an interactive experience, so that by enjoying them they will enjoy something unique.

Dessert cannot be missing from this menu, so you can enjoy two culinary delights, created by pastry chefs Macaria Laris and Elena López, from La Macaria, and they are the following:

  • deconstructed pineapplemade with grilled caramelized honey pineapple, with pineapple and coconut ceviche, activated charcoal crumble with spices and light vanilla bean cream.

  • Banoffee made with banana pancake with pecan nuts, creamy dulce de leche and whiskey caramel fondant center, fresh banana and flamed banana, decorated with vanilla bean whipped cream and pecan nut crumble.

The remainder of the year, and in the first half of 2023, renowned chefs will participate, such as chef Lula Martín del Campo and her proposal of endemic corn and beans; Greek chefs George Tsitsoulis, Dimitris Sakkas and Mixologist Enriko Pali, with Mediterranean proposals; chef Josefina Santa Cruz and a proposal from the Middle East; chef Carlos Gaytán who will show an American-Mexican proposal; chef Gabriela Ruiz; and chef Javier Plascencia.

This festival can be enjoyed in the different branches of Fisher’s House, in Mexico. Here you will find more details.

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