By: Maria Esther Zanatta

My daughter Vanessa Canossa, your super fan, me, María Zanatta and my daughter Carla’s friend, Umana Espertin, got ready. Three women of different ages with the dream of traveling to magical Egypt.

We would first pass through London, from there to Egypt and we would finish the journey in Madrid and from there to Miami, where our tour began.

We live in the USA, there was talk about COVID and they asked us for masks, the required protocols. We arrived in London, stayed three days and left for Cairo.

Upon arriving at the hotel, upon watching the news there was talk of a dangerous pandemic, we had the option of staying in the hotel or visiting Egypt and we decided to visit it under those circumstances, everything was empty, the streets deserted, the traffic paralyzed, the museums and tourist attractions without people, neither kings nor millionaires would have the experience of having everything, without anyone to push, make noise or bother. It was amazing in so many ways!

Later they canceled our flight to Madrid, the flights from London were also literally trapped in the land of the pharaohs, my daughter Vanessa and Carla became desperate and started calling the airlines to look for flights back to Miami and I went out to explore the surroundings of the hotel, looking for an Egypt at my leisure, the hotel only offered to charge us 50 dollars per room, our tour guides offered us to rent something cheap if we stayed, very attentive to us, our tour operator where we bought the tourist package abandoned us Luckily for us, the group of Spaniards we met called their embassies.

The next day we thought we would tour the other part of the tour Abu Simbel, Alexandria etc etc airport without people and our flights cancelled.

After negotiations we got the flight to London and took the flight back to Miami where I was stranded for four months with my daughter and grandchildren but happy.

No masks or protocols, in the end I had to return to Virginia with my husband but it was the best trip of my life.

The post Egypt and the beginning of the pandemic first appeared on Alan x el Mundo.

The post Egypt and the start of the pandemic appeared first on Alan x el Mundo.


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