Easter holidays 2023 When are they?” It may be a somewhat rushed post, considering that the winter holidays are still to come, but scheduling in advance is not bad at all.

Enjoying the trips from the moment one begins to plan it is part of the happiness of living that experience, so the idea of ​​organizing a nice vacation for Easter 2023 in time will surely have that special something that just imagining will make you happy…

In addition, we well know that those who define where to go ahead of time have the advantage of being able to make advance purchases at better prices, both for flights and accommodation, it even serves to contract and access payment facilities, such as buying a package and pay it in little payments, a very good proposal from MéxicoDestinos.com.

Well, it is time to stop dwelling on the subject and get to the point, let’s see what date next Easter 2023 falls on.

When are the 2023 Easter holidays in Mexico?

To know the dates of the holidays for Easter in 2023 we have to consult the calendar of the SEP 2022 – 2023; there it indicates that the school year has two vacation periods: the first, from December 19 to 30, 2022, winter vacation, and the second, from April 3 to 14, 2023, Easter holidays.

The dates mentioned range from Monday before Thursday and Good Friday that fall on April 6 and 7, 2023 and one more week is added until Friday the 14th, with return to school on Monday, April 17.

The best destinations in Mexico to go on Easter holidays 2023

Leaving behind the cold days of winter, during Holy Week one deserves to enjoy a beautiful beach and in Mexico the beaches are the specialty, to the east and west of the country, the Mexican coasts have spectacular places to have an incredible time. Let’s look at some options…

Carmen beach

Visiting Playa del Carmen on vacation 2023 is an excellent idea, you will find options to enjoy with your family, with children, with grandparents, with friends, romantically and if your idea is a solitary getaway, you will enjoy it too.

The versatility of the Caribbean destination is very good, you can stay in an all-inclusive in the Playacar area or you can opt for a more modest hotel in the center; The distances are short and you can walk to the famous Fifth Avenue, which concentrates a wide range of shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment from very early to very late.

The sea is a step away from the Quinta and the beaches are beautiful, with many options for beach clubs, such as the famous Mamitas, or you can go to Punta Esmeralda beach, with a beautiful cenote that can be enjoyed all year round.

Added to the number of options in the city, this beautiful place has the advantage that it is close to other top destinations in Mexico such as the island of Cozumel 20 minutes away by ferry, Tulum 50 minutes away, Puerto Morelos 30 minutes away, and Cancun just 1 hour.

holy week 2023


Another of the most visited destinations on vacation and especially during Holy Week is Acapulco, one of the most famous beaches in Mexico on the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoying a few days of Easter vacation in Acapulco will be wonderful, you will have many activities to have fun and have a good time at ease; Among them, you cannot miss a visit to the Quebrada, an ideal place to admire the feats of divers and, a few steps further on, the views of the cliffs from the Sinfonía del Mar Amphitheater will dazzle you.

Going to the beach is quite an experience, there are many options, some with a calm sea typical of a bay, but you can also find others with beautiful waves for those who enjoy a rougher sea; there you will also have the opportunity to taste the local cuisine, there are proposals for fish and shellfish that you have to try.

Get to know the zócalo and the cathedral in honor of the Virgen de la Soledad, walk along the Miguel Aleman coast, visit craft shops, enjoy a coffee and relax with the sea breeze, these are some good ideas to enjoy during the day.

Do not forget to save energy for the night, bars, discos and a party atmosphere you will surely find.

Mita’s tip

Not everyone likes crowded beaches, there are those who prioritize less crowded places or at least not crowded ones. For them we have this beautiful destination in the Riviera Nayarit, a dream place to rest and enjoy Easter 2023.

Punta de Mita has a very good range of hotels on the beach or you can choose to stay in very pretty towns like Sayulita or Bucerías, two places that you have to take advantage of to visit since they are located only 30 minutes away.

If you like camping, see which beaches are good for it and have a different experience, you’ll love it.

The beaches in Punta de Mita are very beautiful and generally do not concentrate many people, there is an option to enjoy a calm sea and in other sectors the waves will be ready for surfers; Do not miss Careyeros beach, a paradise.

The town is very quiet, so if you choose it as your destination for a few days of vacation, take precautions to bring an umbrella and provisions to enjoy a stay on the ideal beach.

If you can rent a car, it will help you not to miss other incredible places located within walking distance such as Puerto Vallarta, Cruz de Huanacaxtle, San Pancho, as well as Sayulita and Bucerías, all options with a lot of activity for an unforgettable vacation in 2023.

holy week 2023


If you still do not know this beautiful place in the Mexican Pacific, it is time to visit it, with its 9 beautiful bays, it surprises its visitors with beautiful beaches with transparent water.

From the Huatulco marina you can take any or all of the tours they offer, you have options for yacht rides through the different bays, snorkeling excursions, marine fauna sightings, party catamarans and much more.

Huatulco has 36 beaches, among them La India beach, Maguey beach, San Agustín beach, Arrocito beach, Conejos beach, they are among the most beautiful with an emerald sea that falls in love and the mountains as a backdrop, a perfect setting to enjoy the day in the best way.

In Crucecitas, the zócalo and its main church are part of the charm of the destination, with unique details that are worth discovering and photographing.

Schedule a visit to the 3 de Mayo market, where in addition to trying exquisite Oaxacan cuisine you can buy beautiful souvenirs with handicrafts and embroidered textiles that you will surely like to wear.

A tour to the coffee zone and the waterfalls is a plus that you cannot stop experiencing.

holy week 2023

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