By: Grace Navarro

They don’t know how bad people who don’t respect, who aren’t empathetic, and those who take advantage make me sick. And when one travels, OH! How you run into them everywhere. That’s why I made you this mini guide of what to do and what not to do when we are at the airport, flight or whatever applies.

Rules (etiquette) when we take a flight…

  1. Arrive on time And if you don’t arrive on time, don’t make those who did arrive on time arrive late because you want to get in lines, skip security, etc.

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  2. To pass security you have to be attentive, do not wait to reach the trays to investigate what you need to do. You must take off your belt, jacket, take your computer (electronics) out of your backpack, iPad, cell phone, nothing in your pants pockets, etc., you must be alert so that everyone advances.
  3. In the waiting room or on the plane, do not have your cell phone with high volume if you want to listen to something: PUT ON YOUR HEADPHONESIf you bring children with movies or games, maybe if we all put our devices at high volume it would be chaos, don’t you think? SILENCEyou’re not on your private jet.

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  4. And silence applies to calls too, obviously if they call you you answer, but don’t use the speakerphone, not everyone wants to know that you are talking to someone we don’t even know.
  5. To board there are groupsRespect the one you got, typically the one from zone five wants to go up as if he got zone one, everything has a reason for being. Be patient, the plane will not leave earlier if you get on early and if you want to board first because you have carry-on luggage, you will have to hold on or check in.

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  6. Golden Rule: If it happens to you in the window or hallway, give the armrest to the one in the middle, the one in the middle will always be more uncomfortable than anyone else, do not invade other people’s spaces. Sometimes it seems like a battle of elbows to see who gets the armrest.
  7. And this brings me to no patees to the one in front, Yes! The space under your seat is for your feet, but not for pushing, or for your feet to reach the feet of the person in front, you have to be more considerate. There are times when they put the backpack down and also want to push it to the feet of the person in the front seat.

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  8. If you walk down the hallway, don’t pull your hair or push the seats when you lean on it, it’s one thing to lean on it, another to pull it or lean on it and talk to someone right there.
  9. If you travel in economy class (like me hahaha) and the window attendant asks you to go to the bathroom, Stand up! for him to pass, do not move your legs to the side so that he jumps you, you will not get more tired if you stop and pass. This is the most awkward and illogical thing I’ve ever seen people do.

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  10. I’m sorry but I have to say this, if your feet smell bad, for ago Don’t take off your shoes. It is very unpleasant to put up with odors, from food, from feet, from humans in general. Let’s not add more smells. (Extra Tip: don’t paint your nails or put perfume on the plane. Understand! You are not going alone).
  11. If it happened to you, separated from your partner… Please don’t ask him to whom he paid Instead, change seats. Many pay and choose where they want to go, so that you arrive and ask “as a favor” if they can exchange with you. No they can `t. Avoid being made a bad face or feeling offended because they told you that NO.

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  12. It’s fine if you want to talk the entire flight, but if they turn off the lights, you have to talk quietly because a lot of people are trying to rest, I have come across people who are shouting the entire journey or bring laughter that keeps everyone awake. I applaud your enthusiasm and happiness, but I repeat, you are not alone, there are many of us and we must respect each other.
  13. Follow the directions, if you are being asked not to stop until the plane arrives at full stop, DON’T STOPwait for them to give you the green light.

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  14. Likewise, when you get off the plane, wait for the lines before yours to disembark, there is nothing more unpleasant than someone who wants to skip everyone because “they are in a hurry” when it is not their turn. This creates chaos and disorder.

The easiest way to achieve all this is to think of others, putting yourself in their shoes, it’s that simple.

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Well now you know, and if you don’t want to have empathy, you want to shout, jump lines, carry your cell phone at full volume, etc., etc., then I suggest you buy your private jet so you can do whatever you want. I said.


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