Hundreds of women took part in the ELLA Conecta 2024 festival on June 27 and 28, in Mexico City, at the W Mexico City, as part of the global programming for Pride.

The event highlighted the importance of giving visibility to the projects of diverse women and reflecting on the challenges and opportunities they face. “We know that women are the protagonists of social change and we want to say it out loud. The objective was to make the participants’ projects visible and identify the challenges we have faced as diverse professional women, but also the spaces we have gained and the opportunities for the future,” said Beth Cravioto.

ELLA Conecta 2024 brought together the LGBTQ+ community to discuss topics such as tourism, activism, sustainability, fashion, health, literature, music, art and the corporate world. More than 30 panelists shared their stories and challenges, offering a comprehensive view of the current situation of the community. Notable panelists included Coty Camacho, Elena Ríos, Janelly Farías, Vera and Mimi, Fabiola Padilla, María Conejo, Jannette Chao, Sofi Mayen and Daph Ricalde.

One of the most striking moments was the participation of activist Saskia Niño de Rivera in the panel “The Power of Diverse Women in Activism.” Niño de Rivera stressed the importance of diversity for the development of a community, stating that “the development of any community has to do with diversity. It has to do with us being empathetic and respectful as a society to the beliefs, needs and identities of all people. The more diverse and respectful any society is, the more a happy society, an integral society, will prevail.”

In addition to the panels, the event featured various artistic interventions, such as the Queer Fashion Show with the new collection by María Ponce, the special participation of Zemmoa, an exhibition by the artist María Conejo and the musical closing by DJ Joy Joy and Mursi.

ELLA Mexico, part of ELLA Global Community, promoted the cohesion of these diverse women. This international organization is dedicated to the visibility and empowerment of LGBTQ+ women through community and innovation.


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