Visit Corner of Guayabitos It is to make the perfect trip, a colorful place with beautiful beaches that make your stay one of the best, possibly for this reason it is one of the most visited places in the Riviera Nayarit and chosen above all by Mexican families and from all over the world. the world to enjoy a well-deserved vacation and forget for a while the stress of daily life.

The guayabitos bay It is very famous for its resemblance to a gigantic pool, its fine sand beach stretches for two kilometers and 30 meters wide where you can enjoy either swimming or making figures in the sand, children are the ones who most enjoy splashing in the sea and young people playing volleyball or soccer in the sand. Here it is very common to see families living together and having incredible moments, not only does it have a privileged location but its beach is considered one of the largest natural pools in the world, ideal for water sports such as canoeing, rowing, jet skiing, surfing , sailing, snorkeling (free diving) to name a few.

The mild temperature, the tropical vegetation and the waves to practice various water sports, make this a family destination par excellence. Its development began 30 years ago with the construction of hotels, residential areas and various shops that promoted it as a tourist destination and that today is one of the most visited.

Who come to Corner of Guayabitos They go with the aim of practicing diving and are generally very satisfied, especially because of the amount of underwater flora and fauna that you can observe. The best place to practice this activity is around Isla del Cangrejo and Isla del Coral, because of the corals, mantas, palms, white flowers, multicolored fish and starfish that live down there.

Boat rides are one of the favorite activities of visitors who make the journey to the aforementioned islands Isla del Coral, Isla del Cangrejo, Playas del Beso, Playa Tortugas and the Bay of Rincón de Guayabitos where you can observe different types of birds and its diverse vegetation.


Humpback whale watching is another of the highly appreciated eco-tourism activities in Rincón de Guayabitos, it can be done from December to mid-March, you can take it into account if you are planning to go on a trip to this place because it is definitely a spectacle of the incredible nature that allows us to observe these large mammals.

You have the opportunity to embark on the Guayabitos Party Boat, where accompanied by music, dance, contests and fun, you will be able to discover the 10 beautiful beaches in the area and, if you are lucky, see whales, dolphins and manta rays, it is a perfect option for party lovers, also children and adults can enjoy this tour.

For the delight of the palate, this tourist destination has a lot to offer, its dishes are prepared mostly based on fresh seafood and are exquisite. You can find everything from typical Mexican food, zarandeado fish and a wide variety of cravings such as coconut bread, ice cream, fried plantains and dishes made with Yaca, a tropical fruit from the area.

In Rincón de Guayabitos, different lodging options are offered such as: Hotels (3-4 stars), Bungalows, Trailers-Park, Inns and Bed & Breakfast Hostels. Most of the lodging establishments are of the Bungalow type (independent apartments) so that guests have the freedom to prepare their own food and feel at home.


A good option to discover Rincón de Guayabitos is to walk along the main street, where you can find souvenir shops and handicrafts made with beads by Huicholes, one of the most important Mexican cultures for its art and highly protected by Nayarit where they come from. There are also beach shops, handmade outfits, and curiosities like starfish and sea flowers.

Another unmissable attraction has to do with the traditions and customs of the place. That is why from June 19 to 27, tourists can participate in the celebration in honor of the Virgin of Perpetual Help, considered the protector of the people. In this celebration, a pilgrimage is made through the most important streets of Guayabitos, carrying the Virgin among a parade of fireworks, music, dances, and floats. The point of arrival of the pilgrimage is the entrance of the church where the mass takes place. At the end of each pilgrimage it is celebrated with music and fireworks while everyone celebrates this patronal festival.

You can not miss the opportunity to meet Corner of Guayabitos It owes its name to the guava tree that grows on its land, a destination discovered by the Spanish and frequented by English and Dutch ships.

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