By: Vane Villalva

One day you are young and the next you are already going to the Tin Tan exhibition at the Kauz Museum, and not only that, you liked it and you tell your parents to go.

This story is true and it happened to me when I went to Tan Tin Tan. A 21st century Mexican, knowing that Tin Tan is a mythical character from the 40s. Before attending this great event I thought that no young person could go because the majority of his public was already with chuyito, then I remembered that surely there are many people who read this to whom His knee is already thundering or that he already wears a sweater when he goes out, and I retracted it haha, it was a mistake to think that it is an experience only for the elderly, I liked it a lot.

The truth is that I did not have much information about who Tin Tan was, just the basics, that he was an actor and that his brother was Ron Damón, but his name is Germán Valdés and he was born in 1915 on the property where the Museum is currently located. Kaluz and the exhibition is presented.

I went without any expectations and I think it was a good decision to have attended, even though it is a small exhibition, presents a Tin Tan that is not only current, but strictly contemporary, postmodern and cosmopolitan… oh weeeey, what? I don’t know what that means either, but they sent me an email with the summary of the exhibition and it sounds cool, so why not put it? hahaha just kidding… (or not). What this phrase wants to express, and what it achieves in the exhibition, is that not only are we going to see everything that the highest grossing character of the time did during his career, but you will also get to know other facets in the life of Tin Tan and discover this personality authentic and irreverent that characterized him until his last days, going beyond what was socially accepted, making the birth of Pachuco historic and that is still valid today.

They have a very nice mini cinema where you can see a very special short starring José de la Rosa, alias Pachuco Nereidas, there is also a complete ofni from Pachuco, the same one that José lent. At all times you will have the opportunity to take many “asterik” photos for your 60 followers on Instagram, you will find some vintage objects, similar to the ones in your grandmother’s house but better, and you will be surprised that “Look for what more ital » from the Jungle Book is sung by Tin Tan…or maybe not anymore because I just told you Boo!.

You will be able to put on headphones to listen to Tin Tan in his funny facet, you will see many many photos of his life out of the spotlight, the love letter he wrote to his wife in his last days, awww my life; And as if that weren’t enough, you can rehearse some very pachucan forbidden steps for the next time you go to a dance.

In addition, there will be several free activities at the museum: karaoke and walks along the Alameda Central, guided tours with comedians and standup artists, dance classes and more.

You can find all the details in the exhibition microsite uff I even wanted to go back, now, how much does it cost? When I asked how much the entrance cost, they told me “it’s a grapple” (free) and thank goodness because I brought like 50 pesos, with all the more reason it makes you want to go back haha, apart from that you can combine the plan by going to the Cineteca Nacional to see all the Tin Tan movies totally free.

The curatorial concept of Juan José Soto and Marco Barrera-Bassols presents approximately 200 pieces from 24 public and private collections, including Herederos de Germán Valdés and the Tin Tan Office, Fundación Televisa Collection and Archive, Museo del Estanquillo , INAH National Photo Library, María y Héctor García Foundation and the Ernesto García Cabral AC Workshop, among others.

How about? Take a look, the expo will be open to the public from August 5 to November 27, 2023.

There the glasses.


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