Pad Thai is one of the dishes that comes to mind when we think of Thai cuisine, as it is one of the most famous in this Southeast Asian country.

So this time we will share some information that you may not have known about this dish.

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His full name is Kuey Thiaw Pad Thai.

Its origin is not well defined, although it is believed to be Chinese. The word Kuey Thiaw is Chinese and means noodles.

The dish is believed to be an adaptation made by emigrants from southern China who came to Thailand.

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The dish consists of rice noodles, vegetables, bean sprouts, shrimp, egg, chopped peanuts, chili powder, tamarind sauce, fish sauce, and palm sugar.

The Pad Thai can also contain meat, chicken, beef and tofu.

In Thailand it can be found in restaurants, markets and street stalls.

During World War II it was one of the most important dishes, since it was cheap and abundant.

On November 7, 1945, it was named the national dish of Thailand.

Have you tried Pad Thai?


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