Lasagna is one of the favorite dishes of many travelers, when thinking about it we can refer to Italy, however, is this country the true creator of it?

On this occasion we share some curious facts that you may not have known about lasagna.

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Although it is considered an Italian dish, its origin is disputed among the Italians, Greeks, and British.

Its name is said to derive from the Greek laganon, which was the oldest way of making pasta.

A medieval book mentions that the first lasagna recipe was prepared in 1390 for King Richard II, in England.

Italians claim that Maria Brogogno created the lasagna recipe in 1316.

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World Lasagna Day is celebrated on July 29.

The UK is the largest consumer of lasagna in the world.

In Italy it is consumed at any time of the year, but especially on festivities.

You can find its version with meat or vegetables.

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Have you tried the lasagna? Where have you eaten your favorite?


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