Ice cream is one of the favorite desserts of many travelers, thanks to its wide variety of flavors, it can please most palates.

On this occasion we share some information that perhaps you did not know about ice cream.

It is said that its origin dates back more than two thousand years, when the Chinese had the idea of ​​mixing snow with a fruit-based preparation.

Over time, the Romans perfected the technique of the Chinese.

The most popular flavor is vanilla, followed by chocolate ice cream.

Although sweet flavors are preferred by many, you can also find salty ice cream and even chili.

The main ingredient in ice cream is air.

The perfect temperature to store ice cream is between -10°C and -12°C.

Italian ice cream or gelato is one of the most popular and delicious in the world.

According to NASA, ice cream is one of the things astronauts miss the most in space.

Eating ice cream makes us happy because it contains tryptophan, an amino acid that reduces aggressiveness and produces serotonin, the happiness hormone.

They like ice cream? What is your favorite flavor?


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