Fish & Chips is a typical dish from the United Kingdom and very popular with locals and travellers.

For all good Fudi in the world, it is almost a must to try it at least once while traveling in the United Kingdom.

This time I share some curious facts about this dish.

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Its origin is not very exact, since it is disputed by two families, the Malin family, from London; and the Lee family of Manchester.

In 1860 it was first served as a side dish, in London, by Joseph Malin.

In Scotland it was first sold in the 1870s.

The English writer, Charles Dickens makes reference to the dish in the novel Oliver Twist, where he mentions a “warehouse of fried fish”.

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Fish & Chips was very important during the First and Second World Wars; in fact, it was excluded from rationing.

Until 1980 it was served on newsprint. Nowadays, it is usually served on a plate or a small tray.

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It is said that 250 million Fish & Chips are sold in the UK.

Have you ever tried Fish & Chips? Where have you eaten your favorite?

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