The work can be done in many ways. Some are more or less profitable. What if you can earn money while pursuing your passion? With your own portal, it is possible. Find out more about CMS4media and how you can combine business with pleasure.

With the development of technology comes more and more ways to earn money. It also facilitates travel, which for some of us is our greatest passion. Social media is a great place to share your vacation photos, but posting restrictions don’t allow you to fully communicate your travel accounts. For those who have something to say and want to share their knowledge, your own portal is a good option.

Where to start?

Nowadays, creating your own website is almost equivalent to creating an account on social networks or managing the MS Office suite. Thanks to the CMS, or Content Management System, building a platform is possible without the help of specialists. The main task of the software is to facilitate the creation and moderation of the site by its owner. It is a way to save time and money. In addition, we ourselves are responsible for what we publish and how we do it.

CMS4media is an intuitive system that, thanks to its panel, allows us to monitor the entire site. From the creation to the publication or later edition of the material. Thanks to the available widgets, we can insert complete galleries of our trips, links to our social networks, the calendar of future trips or the weather in a selected place.

The software proposed by is compatible with the free tool, which helps you personalize the ads on our website. Through this tool you can monitor your campaign from start to finish.

How to earn money on the portal?

There are several ways to make money with a website. A CMS helps you start with the basics, that is, to get the scope. By creating articles for SEO, we lay the groundwork for future earnings. Optimizing content for search engines is one way to increase organic reach. It is free because it is generated from user searches. Good articles for SEO are ranking articles, for example, on the 10 best places to visit in Paris, guides on how to prepare a trip or travel reports. Remember: the greater the reach, the greater the earnings.

Once we have achieved the reach, we can start monetizing. The first of the standard ways is simply to place advertisements on our site. Pop-ups are annoying, so it pays to be careful about customizing them. A DMP, or data management system, can be helpful. With the aforementioned CMS4media and, we can do without many ads in favor of others better suited to the recipient. The DMP is based on audience analysis, and the research data sent to Ads4media is the basis for selecting the best advertiser. For this reason, offers for mountaineering equipment will appear on our website instead of advertisements for refrigerators.

Sponsored Articles

A less complicated way is through sponsored articles. It is about producing content that promotes a certain product or service. With this solution, we expose ourselves much less, even if it is by choice. The user does not have to make an effort to close the pop-up windows, since he chooses whether or not he wants to read the text. In the case of sponsored articles, the theme of the advertisers is important. It’s hard to be believable if an article about kitchen accessories appears in the middle of an article about travel.

Paid Subscription

A third solution could be to introduce a paid subscription. This does not have to be for all material, as we may charge for access to longer tutorials. If we want to use the full subscription, it is worth giving up the additional advertisements that appear on the website. However, it is important to note that this solution is applicable at a somewhat later stage, when we already have trust among our audience. Introducing a subscription early in the portal’s life can turn off users.

If you want to know more ways to optimize your website, consult CMS4media. For advertising, the platform will be of great help and will take care of selecting the best advertiser for you.


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