Imagine that you leave the club at dawn, half in party @ and two blocks away; there he is, your friend El Paisa” who will lighten you up with 5 pieces of suadero with everything… Hello taquitos!!!

March 31 WE CELEBRATE (Yes, like this with CAPITAL LETTERS and in bold) the National Taco Day, which actually does not have much time; The celebration began with a campaign launched by Televisa in 2007 and from then on, and as a way to encourage consumption, the taco shops took it year after year. And is not for less; in Mexico, 22 tons of tacos are consumed per year; In Mexico there are 47,000 taco shops… 1 every 400 meters!! and 5 out of 10 Mexicans eat tacos at least once a week… so yes, it’s a national patrimony.

Each neighborhood has its “Best Taqueria” and in Mexico City, they abound; Surely you have one that is spoiled and super famous. Here I tell you which ones are my favorites for you to visit.

1. Taquería Velázquez (Técnicos y Manuales almost on the corner with Cine Mexicano, Lomas Estrella, Iztapalapa) This taco shop has been in the same place all its life, the pandemic didn’t even tickle and they included home delivery and orders via WhatsApp. Its menu is very classic: Tacos of suadero, tongue, head, tripe, al pastor, steak and arrachera; Horchata water and soft drinks. Its meat is of excellent quality and the service is unmatched.

Tacos Velazquez Iztapalapa

2. Tacos Paisa Chilaquil (Av. Tláhuac 481. Col. Culhuacan, Iztapalapa) Open 24 hours (which is a blessing) They have more than 20 varieties of tacos (Suedero, lengua, cheeke, ojo, trompa, suadero and an exquisite pastor ; but the one that takes the palme d’or is the molcajete: meats seasoned with green sauce, charcoal-grilled onions and cheese; they make an incredible melted cheese.

Tacos El Paisa Chilaquil

3. The Super Taco (Calzada Las Bombas 784, Coapa) Always full and super tasty. They are open until 1/2 in the morning (it depends on the day you go) and their menu is delicious: Tacos al pastor, tortas de pastor, tacos de suadero, volcanes, gringas de bistec. The attention is very fast and they have no way to compare their flavor.

Super Taco Las Bomas

4. Blanquita Norteño Tacos: (Atanasio G Sarabia corner with 109 A, Héroes de Churubusco) If you are a fan of northern meats… This is your place!! Carne asada tacos with cheese, bbq rib, marrow (my favorites) sausage with pineapple and bacon; a griddle, 30 years of experience and Doña Blanquita with her seasoning. You will not regret it.

Blanquita Northern Tacos

5. Tacos de Canasta: The ones that save you a breakfast… (or 2… or 3….) Originally from Tlaxcala, in Mexico City you find them almost on every corner but, next to Viveros , you will find a stand with the best tacos: Potato, chicharrón, adobo, beans… And its green sauce is there to lower the most violent hangover.

CDMX Basket Tacos

These are just 5 of my go-to street taco spots and while National Taco Day is a good excuse to visit them; remember that a taco a day is the key to happiness.

We read the following escape and meanwhile I leave you:


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