To travel you do not need to have a great fortune. If you manage to cover basic expenses, in different cities around the world there are endless activities that can be done without paying anything.

Museums, gardens, parks, natural spaces, historic centers, emblematic buildings and popular markets These are just some of the places that European cities offer travelers without having to break their budget. You do not have to pay absolutely anything to enter and see what is inside.

It is likely that some of the sites do not appear in the main portals when presenting you with the recommendations of a city. However, that does not mean they cease to be interesting, attractive and important in the country. What is necessary in any case is to have a good time as well as to know a little about the culture, customs and traditions of the natives.

If you are reading this post it is because you are surely going to traveling on a budget to a city in Europe. Therefore, you could combine paid attractions with those that are free or just immediately opt for the free ones. It is key that you know that in several cities there are spaces that have one or two days a week at no cost to travelers. In those cases, with good planning you can take advantage of a tour.

So that the search is not complicated for you, we have elaborated a small guide in which you can find excellent places to visit in various cities in Europe without having to spend a lot of money. Read it to the end, because you will surely find things that will surprise you.

Valencia Spain

This port city located in the southeast of Spain has many things to do without having to pay anything. One of them is the Valencian Museum of Natural History that is inside the Royal Garden, likewise there are the Baths of the Admiral In the heart of the historic center, the Barrio El Carmen, which is one of the most popular and oldest, the Central Market, which was inaugurated in 1928 or you can take a free tour through the main streets with the help of volunteer guides. An alternative that many like is the tourist card. It only costs 13 euros and with it the entrance to several monuments is included.

Bologna, Italy

Experts say that this northern city is one of the cheapest in Italy. Its fame is largely due to its university, which was founded in the year 1088. Among the free places that can be visited is the park called Villa Gig, from which you can see the town in all its splendor. The architecture says present with the Basilica of San Paolo Maggiore. In addition, in the center is located Piazza Maggiore, the central point to go to the historic center where the Basilica of San Petronio and the Town Hall are located.

Istanbul, Turkey

This beautiful city has several international landmarks. They are very named the Blue Mosque and the monumental Basilica Cistern. But there are more things to do without having to pay. You should take the opportunity to go to one of the bazaars, which have an atmosphere that dates back to ancient times. You are forced to go up to Camlica Hill, which gives a great view of the Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara. On a late night you have to take a tour of the Beyoglu neighborhood, where there are small art galleries and shops offering works by emerging artists.

oporto, portugal

The cobbled streets, the bridges, the wine and the monuments are the points that are most reflected in the postcards of the city. Those who take a free tour do not stop visiting Porto’s Sé Cathedral which traces its history back to the 12th century, with a design based on the Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic styles. Even if you don’t plan to ride the subway, you should know São Bento station, which has artistic works by renowned painters. He spends some time checking out the Lello e Irmao bookstore.

Budapest, Hungary

We stayed in the capital of the country, a place that gives access to most of the attractions with the purchase of the Budapest Card. However, there are points where nothing should be paid. One of the best views is obtained by going up to the Monte Gellert, which also includes an extraordinary viewpoint. Then it goes through the Shoes Monument, which displays 50 pairs representing many of the Jews who were killed in World War II. Two more alternatives are to visit the Jewish quarter or Isla Margarita park which has a bridge with the same name.

Prague, Czech Republic

No one remains indifferent to the beauty of this city, which by the way is also the capital of the country. The place that receives the greatest number of visitors is the Old Town Square, which is right in front of the Gothic Týn church that shows two imposing towers. Set aside an hour to see the oldest Astronomical Clock in the world, where a show called “the walk of the 12 apostles”. Another impressive square is Wenceslao, which stretches for 750 meters.

Bucharest, Romania

The tour closes in the southern part of Romania. You must visit the building in which it works the Palace of Parliament, which gives an idea of ​​how things are in this country. Volunteer guides offer free tours that take you to other freely accessible places, so don’t miss out on that opportunity. Then log out on the Union Square, in which every weekend there is a show of lights and colors. The Stravropoleos church cannot be left out, which stands out for the beauty that surrounds it.


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