The Christmas season has already begun and with it the decoration in the houses and streets of different cities around the world, where Christmas trees are the main protagonists, so much so that for many it is worth traveling several kilometers to admire them.

So on this occasion we share with you a list of some Christmas trees that have captivated locals and travelers.

Rockefeller Center tree, New York

This is perhaps one of the most iconic in the world, so much so that it has even appeared in series and movies.

This is a Norwegian spruce that is carefully selected by experts. A nationally broadcast lighting ceremony is held each year, marking the official start of the Christmas festivities in New York.

Foto: vivvismak / 123RF

It is adorned with thousands of twinkling lights and a dazzling star is placed on top.

In addition to representing the essence of Christmas, this tree symbolizes unity and hope.

Trafalgar Square Tree, London

The Trafalgar Christmas tree is a symbol of friendship and solidarity between the United Kingdom and Norway, since since 1947 Norway has sent an imposing Norwegian spruce annually as a token of gratitude for British help during the Second World War.

Photo: anky / 123RF

The tree measures approximately 20 meters high and is the center of Christmas celebrations in the iconic square, serving as a tangible reminder of the connection between both nations and the importance of peace and cooperation.

Floating Christmas Tree, Rio de Janeiro

During the Christmas season, in the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, in Rio de Janeiro, an 85-meter-high floating Christmas tree emerges decorated with millions of lights that reflect its glow on the water.

Foto: dabldy / 123RF

The tree lighting ceremony is an event anticipated by travelers and locals who gather and celebrate with music and fireworks.

Vilnius Christmas tree, Lithuania

Vilnius Cathedral Square is home to one of the most impressive Christmas trees in Europe.

It stands out for its creative and innovative design, as every year it is reinvented with a unique and original style, becoming a focal point of admiration for locals and travelers.

Photo: micheleursi / 123RF

The Vilnius Tree, more than a festive structure, is a constantly evolving work of art that reflects the history and culture of Lithuania.

Galeries Lafayette Christmas Tree, Paris

This tree is located inside one of the most famous stores in Paris, Galeries Lafayette, and is a symbol in the French capital.

Foto: masterlu / 123RF

The tree highlights Parisian refinement and attracts visitors from all over the world; It is located under the iconic glass dome of Galeries Lafayette and is a sparkling jewel surrounded by luxury and fashion, creating an unforgettable Christmas shopping experience.

Kobe Christmas Tree

In the midst of the bustle of the city of Kobe, Japan, a tree emerges that symbolizes the unique fusion of Japanese culture with the global celebration of Christmas.

Foto: loco3/123RF

This Christmas tree stands out as a shining example of how tradition and the cutting edge can converge to create a truly unique and enchanting Christmas experience.

Vatican Christmas Tree

This tree, located in St. Peter’s Square, is a symbol of hope and peace, and is an expression of the spirituality and solemnity of the festive season.

Photo: bukki88 / 123RF

It is decorated with twinkling lights and handcrafted ornaments; It also creates a sacred and welcoming atmosphere that invites worshipers and visitors to reflect on the spiritual meaning of Christmas.

Gubbio tree

In Gubbio, a small medieval town located in the Umbria region of Italy, is the largest Christmas tree in the world.

This tree, which measures 650 meters high and is illuminated by around a thousand multicolored lights, is located exactly on the slope of Mount Ingino.

The tree is lit every December 7 and can be seen until January 12.

Foto: buffy1982 / 123RF

Without a doubt, these trees are the ideal excuse to travel, and each one tells a unique story and contributes to making the Christmas season an unforgettable moment.


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