Today I’ll be showing you how to make sweet and crunchy chocolate covered strawberries!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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Chocolate covered strawberries are perfect for Valentine’s Day, or to eat with friends and family!


  • 1 box (1 lb) fresh strawberries *with stems

  • 6oz dark/semisweet chocolate/chocolate chips

  • 5oz white chocolate or white candy melts


  • Start off by washing the strawberries.
  • Once the strawberries are washed, set them onto a towel to dry.
  • Leave the strawberries to the side to dry, and boil water in a pot on medium heat.
  • Put a bowl on top of the water to create your double-boiler!
  • Pour in the dark/semisweet chocolate/chocolate chips.
  • Mix the chocolate with the spatula occasionally while the chocolate melts.melted chocolate
  • Time to dip the strawberries! Again, make sure they are COMPLETELY dry befor dipping (you can dry them with a towel to make sure).dipping
  • The rest of this is really fun and simple! Just dip the strawberries one by one into the chocolate and leave them on parchment paper to set.
  • At this point, I transferred some of the remaining chocolate into a piping bag to pipe a few fun designs on the strawberries!
  • Your Chocolate Covered Strawberries is ready!Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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