As of April 14, Chile will go to Alert 1 level, which means that travel restrictions will be eliminated, both to enter and to leave, announced the Undersecretary of Public Health, Cristóbal Cuadrado.

This means that travelers will no longer need to show a PCR test to enter Chile, nor will it be necessary to have a complete vaccination schedule against Covid-19; however, the latter will be needed to obtain the Mobility Pass.

The Mobility Pass will allow them to have freedoms in different areas, as well as access to public spaces. If you want to know more about this pass and how to process it, give click here.

“Level 1 Alert assumes a scenario of virus transmission within the country where the same variants are circulating as in other countries. Therefore, at this level of alert there are no restrictions for travelers entering or leaving the country,” said the Undersecretary of Public Health.

In addition, the use of face masks in open spaces and in regions where the health risk is low or medium will no longer be mandatory; Likewise, as of May 1, all land borders in the country will be reopened.

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