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If you don’t know Chihuahua, you have to go to marvel at this state. I swear that every time I go I discover something new and surprising.

Chihuahua is the largest state in Mexico and its name means “The Lady of the Desert” because it has the largest desert in North America with an area of ​​450 thousand km2. It is a state that has history, beautiful landscapes, culture and traditions. It’s all worth it, so I share with you the 5 experiences you have to live if you go to Chihuahua.

El Chepe Express

You can travel a large section of the Sierra Tarahumara and reach the Copper Canyon on this train that has huge windows so you can admire the impressive landscapes of the mountains. It runs approximately 673km from Los Mochis, Sinaloa to Chihuahua, Chih.

Copper Canyon

One of my favorite places in all of Mexico, they are made up of seven ravines located in the Sierra Tarahumara, their extension is four times larger (60 thousand square km) than the famous Grand Canyon of Colorado and it is home to the Raramuris. The views are impressive, imposing waterfalls and spectacular landscapes. Here you have to stop at Divisadero and visit the Barrancas del Cobre Adventure Park to take the cable car tour, which is the best way to admire this natural wonder (they also have the longest zip line in the world, in case you are someone who loves adrenaline ).

Chihuahua capital

You don’t know, but this city has a lot of history, I recommend you first visit the Government Palace, there is the place where Miguel Hidalgo was shot, then visit the Casa Chihuahua, located just opposite, it is a museum and before it was a convent but it has an amazing story. Walk through the center, go to the Cathedral, to the Plaza de Armas and take a tram. And to end the day, take a tour of Quinta Gameros, one of the oldest houses in the capital.

The Valley of the Monks

It is a place within the Sierra Tarahumara full of tall, thin and long stones, that is why it is called that, they simulate serious monks, some say they are petrified monks after several hours of meditation. The reality is that these rock formations are the result of erosion by wind and rain over millions of years.

The magical towns

Chihuahua has three magical towns: Creel, Batopilas and Casas Grandes.

Each one has a different charm, I visited two of them.

If it is your first time in Chihuahua, I recommend you visit Creel, it is super well located because the Chepe train stops there and it is the most central for many activities in the Barrancas area. There are cabins where you can stay (we stayed in some in Cusarare) because they have thousands of activities nearby, visiting the Cusarare Waterfall, hiking, biking in the area, going to Lake Arareko, the Valley of the Mushrooms or the Monks, a lot to do.

Or you can go to Batopilas if what you want is to enter the heart of the mountains, it is a very colorful little town with colonial houses and a lot of life. It is said that it was the second city to have electricity in Mexico, although now the cool thing is to go disconnect because little Wi-Fi signal reaches there.

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