I have been visi for two consecutive yearsI love Chicago and I like it more and more. But I don’t go just because —which I would love— but because my gallery has participated in the art fair Expo Chicago since 2022 and this time, we exhibit the work of two Mexican artists: Othiana Roffiel (CDMX) and Louis Hampshire (Oaxaca).

For this reason, my visits are always somewhat reduced. And although I dedicate most of the day to the fairs, I always make time to go for a walk in this city that has impressive buildings. I think one way to get to know Chicago is to scroll up from time to time, because that way you identify the architecture that makes it unique. Also, cities with water near me have always liked and here, the lake and the river make Chicago more special.

I was looking forward to repeating the architecture tour along the river with the Center of Architecturewhy It’s so worth it: while you’re on the boat, they explain the history behind these monumental buildings, a bit of context of the time in which they were created and who designed and built it. After the tour, I recommend taking a walk along the Boardwalk and contemplating life while having an aperitif in one of its bars or restaurants.

And speaking of food… what I did do was look for what they call “the best burger in Chicago” on By horse. It was undoubtedly exquisite, although I don’t know if I liked the fries more than the hamburger itself… but I’ll leave that to your decision, and if you go, order a very cold draft beer to accompany it. If you are looking for where to have dinner, I will give you my favorites: With and the already traditional The Colonial.

In more artistic plans, I share two must. The first is the Art Institute de Chicago, which is huge. If it’s your first time in Chicago, give yourself a chance to visit each room and floor; But if you want to go for something specific, go ahead. The second one that I recommend is the Museum of Contemporary Art which has incredible temporary exhibitions and excellent curatorships.

As I mentioned before, you can enjoy walking in this city and getting lost in the parks, like the Millenium Park where is the famous sculpture “The Bean” although its official name is “The Gate of the Clouds”by Indo-British artist Anish Kapoor. It opened in 2006 and since then its surface of 160 polished steel plates has reflected life in the heart of Chicago.

Another interesting and very enjoyable route, where many go for a run or exercise, is to go around the lake to go to the Field Museum of Natural Science. Chicago is one of the cities with the most public art in the United States and unlike the hustle and bustle of other large metropolises, here time follows the speed of the American Midwest.

Chicago is also known as the “Windy City” —“the city of the wind”— and, despite the fact that the origin of this nickname would take us on a journey of more than a hundred years, I find it meaningful because it is a city to be outside walking and enjoying the terraces, jazz bars and other genres, restaurants, museums, galleries, diners and why not, while enjoying a packet of popcorn Garret.

Karen Huber
Gallery owner and cultural promoter

Photographs courtesy of Karen Huber and internet

Source: https://alanxelmundo.com/chicago-la-ciudad-que-te-vuelve-viento/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=chicago-la-ciudad-que-te-vuelve-viento

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