Next Sunday, September 24, the second edition of the Taste of the Earth Festival will take place, a culinary experience in which Fudis around the world will enjoy authentic dishes, delicious ingredients, and traditional flavors while learning about the importance of conserving ancestral knowledge and endemic foods from various regions of Mexico.

This year seven chefs will be invited to demonstrate how peasant agriculture is the pillar of a sustainable restaurant; as well as the importance of their work in the conservation and transmission of ancestral knowledge that guarantees food security and preserves the culinary identity of Mexico.

Arca Tierra invites you to celebrate the diversity of the cuisines of Mexico with outstanding chefs from four regions of the country present in a great celebration.

The guest chefs will be Thalía Barrios García and Jesús Neftalí Ramos Vargas, from Levadura de Olla, in Oaxaca; Lesterloon Sánchez de Múcara, in Jalapa; Gustavo Macuitl from Macuitl Molino, in Cholula; Jorge León de Alfonsina, in Oaxaca; and Xrysw Ruelas and Jorge Oscar, from Xokol, in Guadalajara.

Through Levadura de Olla Thalía Barrios García and Jesús Neftalí Ramos Vargas seek to reactivate the consumption of native products from the state and help preserve the knowledge of the kitchens of their region. Jesús’s family is originally from San Juan Yatzona, in the Sierra Norte, and Thalía is from San Mateo Yucutindoó, a community that has resisted the pressures of the market, conserving its original seeds to maintain endemic foods such as tomatoes, of which there are up to 23 varieties. In this regard, Thalía comments “My best memories of the field are related to food. A good harvest of beans is reflected when cooking them by their great flavor. If we do not take care of the land, it is reflected in the kitchen.”

Lesterloon Sánchez, from Múcara, is a cook, researcher and disseminator of Veracruz gastronomy and has stood out for his interest in sustainable cooking. Regarding his inspiration and his work, he believes that as a cook, once you understand the origin of food, it is easier to work with it. He also comments that “Cooking is a way of bringing together the way in which food is produced and the way in which people conceive and serve it. The kitchen functions as the motor of culture and is inherent to the human being.

Gustavo Macuitl, from Macuitl Molino, is dedicated to preserving the region’s endemic ingredients and shares his family’s culinary tradition, which for five generations has been dedicated to peasant agriculture. “All the cooking that I do is inspired by the recipes and the seasoning that I inherited from my mother and all the products that I use come from my father’s field inheritance”.

Jorge León, from Alfonsina, is dedicated to exalting the biodiversity of his state in dishes that maintain a balance between the present and the past, the modern and the traditional, with an eye toward a work model that is totally sustainable.

Xrysw Ruelas and Jorge Oscar, from the Xokol restaurant and mill, seek to reactivate the consumption and production of Jalisco and Mazahua Creole corn. Likewise, they carry out an arduous work of investigation and conservation of techniques, ingredients and products from the area of ​​Jalisco and the state of Mexico. Jorge Oscar, who is from Santa Maria Citendeje, State of Mexico, reflects, “A peasant farmer is not seen as a professional, but an agronomist is. We have a misconception but farmers are one of the most important characters in society. I want my dad, my mom and my grandmother – Mazahua peasants – not to go unnoticed and with Xokol I want their work to be more recognized.”

Taste of the Earth seeks to promote the conservation of biodiversity and raise awareness of its importance for a sustainable future. “For arca tierra, Sabor de la Tierra is part of a movement that claims the importance of the countryside in the country’s culinary offerings. The values ​​of sustainability, traceability, temporality and respect for the environment are the basis of this movement and we seek that each year its meaning transcends” explains Lucio Usobiaga, general director and founder of arca tierra.

The Festejo de Sabor de la Tierra is a casual celebration, similar to a traditional Mexican party, where fudis from around the world will appreciate the beauty of the colonial patio of the Ex-Convento de San Hipólito while enjoying live music, drinks and tasting near fifteen dishes that will be served between the five restaurants.

The event will also give a series of talks in which some of the chefs and cooks themselves and other special guests will share their experiences and perspectives on Sabor de la Tierra. The proceeds from the celebration will go to the Biocultural Restoration Program of the chinampera zone in Xochimilco.

The Taste of the Earth Celebration will take place at the Ex Convento de San Hipólito in CDMX, on September 24, 2023, from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The price of the ticket has a cost of 1,500 pesos for adults and 1,200 pesos for children under 8 years of age. Children under 3 years old enter free. The ticket includes food and drinks. But we have good news for you! By Being citizens of the Traveling Republic can get a 15% discount when using the code SDLT23,

To purchase your tickets and learn more about this event, visit the official page of The Taste of the Earth Celebration.


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