Carnivals 2023 in Mexico” is an invitation to join one of the most colorful and fun celebrations in the country, there are several options; Here we tell you more…

The month of February arrives and with it comes the time of carnivals, celebrations that bring together thousands of people of all ages, some are part of the event, others choose to be spectators, but all enjoy music, a good atmosphere, costumes and the excellent energy it generates.

It is good to know that the 2023 Carnivals in Mexico can be enjoyed in different cities that are preparing to offer incredible events and that, luckily, are distributed in different parts of the country, facilitating the participation of all of us who want to enjoy such beautiful shows.

Without further ado, let’s see what are the destinations and dates of Carnival in Mexico 2023.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the carnival dates are usually in February or March and are adjusted to the dates of Easter, usually the carnival party is prior to Ash Wednesday.

However, the 2022 edition of the Veracruz Carnival was postponed due to Covid until the summer season, the date on which it was a complete success since it had a very good turnout that resulted in important benefits for the tourism sector.

For this year 2023, the information confirms that the 99th edition of the Veracruz Carnival will be held again in summer, from June 29 to July 5.

As there is still time for its realization, there are not many details of the program, but it was possible to know some of the planned activities.

June 29 begins with the burning of bad humor, and on the 30th the coronations of the Royal Court will take place and the days that go from July 1 to July 4 will take place the traditional walks. For the closing, the burial of Juan Carnaval will take place on July 5.

This is a very good opportunity to organize an unforgettable trip to the beautiful Port of Veracruz with plenty of time.

Carnivals 2023 in Mexico

Photo: Veracruz Carnival through time, Facebook

The Mazatlán Carnival is another of the must-see events on this list of Carnivals 2023 in Mexico.

Take note, next February 16 and until 21 are the days that you can enjoy an impressive event.

Mazatlán is one of the most visited beach destinations on the Mexican Pacific coast, with a pleasant climate all year round and that on carnival dates is even more embellished to offer an amazing show to the more than 1 million attendees.

With more than 100 years of experience, since 1898, the city has been organized ahead of time so that to the sound of the tambora, people enjoy the parade of numerous floats and their representatives dressed in elegant costumes full of details that go through the streets dancing and smiling to cheer up the public.

Live music bands are the main part of its attraction and you will find them along the boardwalk from 6 in the afternoon until well into the early hours of the morning.

If you are anxious to know what the theme of the Mazatlán Carnival 2023 is, the stick figures, giant puppets, are the ones who walk along the boardwalk before the date and reveal more details. Likewise, a preview for the imagination of those of us who are far away indicates that the theme will be “Dejavú, Dreams of a Carnival”.

Something that you will enjoy are the parades on Sunday and Tuesday, the masked balls, coronation of the king of joy and the queen of the floral games, coronation of the carnival queen, gastronomic festival, fireworks and much more.

It is good to keep in mind that the parades are free but the special events have a cost since they are in the Baseball Stadium in Mazatlán.


The island of Cozumel dresses up to celebrate one of the 2023 Carnivals in Mexico on the days that go from February 15 to 21; an event that is part of a tradition of more than 140 years.

This beautiful destination located in the Mexican Caribbean is recognized for being one of the main ports that receives a large number of cruise ships a year, which added to the tourists that enter via ferry from Playa del Carmen, places it as an important tourist center.

This event has a protocol that indicates the order of the different events that take place, so everything begins a few weeks before the carnival date with the pre-carnival of Cozumel, time in which the inhabitants of the island choose the king and Queen.

Enjoying the Cozumel Carnival is an experience that promises to dazzle you; In this 2023, in what is the 149th edition of the Carnival, the slogan of the event will be “Because in the Caribbean tradition is always lived”.

Carnival Thursday is when children will be the stars of the celebration; while Friday will be the day of the comparsas, with groups that organize themselves to present their best costumes and dances.

Fantasy and Masks Saturday is the beginning of the most popular days of the carnival with a parade of floats and comparsas, as well as some live shows.

The following days the celebrations continue with more events, on Tuesday to culminate a renowned artist performs for free to close such an important celebration; Already on Ash Wednesday it is time to burn Juan Carnaval.

Carnivals 2023 in Mexico

Photo: Cozumel Carnival, Facebook

Considered the oldest carnival in Mexico, with celebrations dating back to 1582, the days of carnival in the city are prepared with great excitement after not being celebrated for a few years due to the pandemic.

Allegorical floats, dancers with colorful costumes full of glitter, costumes, music and lots of joy promise to take over the streets of the city to surprise locals and tourists in evenings full of partying.

“Carnival of Joy” is the motto that this 2023 will bring together thousands of people in Campeche from February 14 until the end of the month to enjoy a unique event with important guest artists and a wide list of proposals for entertainment and fun from all over the world. the family.

Carnivals 2023 in Mexico

Photo: Carnival of Campeche, Facebook

Other Carnival 2023 options in Mexico

Playa del Carmen is also preparing to offer a beautiful carnival party, which is scheduled to take place from February 14 to 22, 2023. Parade, troupes, costumes will be part of an unforgettable celebration that will take place on the famous fifth avenue and other points from the center of this beautiful tourist city.

Cancun, Huejotzingo in Puebla, Mérida, Tlaxcala, Ensenada and a few destinations in Morelos are added to the list of places to visit at Carnival time in Mexico and surely there are more, find the one that best suits your tastes and desire to travel and enjoy a February that you will always remember.


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