By: Diego Lombera

By itself the name of Polonium sounds like a place on another planet, Polonium? It will not be Cape Plutonium or Cape Poland, I had never heard the name of Polonium.

And it is that when one thinks of Uruguay, in addition to tango, soccer, meat, mate, goat, Jorge Drexler, the longest carnival in the world, its beautiful people… what comes to mind is Punta del Este, but Today I want to talk to you about another beach in Uruguay, the most hippie I’ve ever seen: Cabo Polonio.

I arrived at Cabo Polonio without meaning to, I was passing through my backpacking route and it was one of those places that never ceased to surprise me since I was on the road. If you like hippie beaches, you have to visit Cabo Polonio, it is the most hippie beach I know. And it is that since its arrival one intuits that it is a very special place.

It is located a couple of hours from Punta del Este, but that was not exactly where I came from on my backpacking trip, but from another beach in the north of Uruguay with the same first name, Punta, but with a very different last name. , del Diablo, yes sir, Punta del Diablo, near the border with Brazil. Fortunately, it has nothing to do with Diablo since it is a beautiful place that I hope to tell you about on another occasion.

Cabo Polonio is within the national park system of Uruguay, so there is no major human development in this area and they keep it as natural as possible (and the Uruguayans respect this in Cabo Polonio).

To get to Cabo Polonio it is necessary to take a double-decker jeep with four-wheel drive as if it were an African safari, which leaves from the entrance of the national park. It is not possible to arrive by car or other transport since there are no roads that reach Cabo Polonio, the only access is directly through the sand of the beach.

After about 30 minutes on board the jeep, my friends that I had met at Punta del Diablo and I arrived at Cabo Polonio. The jeep dropped us off at the Central Plaza, the meeting point and epicenter of this beautiful beach town. Although the name “Central Square” may sound very elegant, it is actually a natural space delimited by a boatman-type rope.

Around the square there are some stalls with handicrafts where some backpackers take the opportunity to exhibit their creations, in addition to some food stalls.

Once we get out of the jeep, we look for a place to stay; and after asking around, we found the hostel that would be our home for the night. We left our backpacks and went to visit Cabo Polonio.

Cabo Polonio offers beautiful beaches and a truly beautiful landscape. Although the sea water is not exactly hot, for the more adventurous this is not a limitation to take a good bath.

One of the main attractions of Cabo Polonio is its lighthouse, which offers a beautiful view of the place and the nearby beaches, as well as the Sea Lions that live here, which are visible a few meters away.

After going up to the lighthouse and walking along its beaches, we went back to our hostel to take a swim.

Do you remember that I told you that Cabo Polonio is the most hippie beach I have ever seen? Well, there is no electricity here once the sun goes down, so you have to prepare yourself to enjoy a starry sky, oh, and to find a place to buy food for dinner that night. There are no ATMs, so be prepared with cash.

The day we arrived, a concert with acoustic instruments had been organized in the Central Square, so without thinking we went to spend a beautiful night with the light of the stars and the moon as witnesses together with backpackers from many parts of the world.

The next day we took the opportunity to sunbathe and have fun on the beach, our next destination would be Punta del Este, a place without a doubt very different from Cabo Polonio.

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