For a traveler it is essential to have the updated agenda and for that this post “Bridges and holidays 2023 Get ready!” will provide you with a lot of good information…

We well know that there are holidays in the year that we would love to take advantage of, but the reality is that not all of us have that possibility, non-working days are not always for everyone.

However, knowing the dates helps so that one can organize and perhaps if you ask for permission in time, the opportunity of a getaway on some date of the 2023 bridges and holidays can be taken advantage of.

The budget does not have to be an excuse either, Mexico has many beautiful places and surely one of them is close to your home; There’s time to save, I’m not done with this 2022 yet.

Always one step ahead and it can work…

When are the bridges and holidays 2023?

To have the official dates that could be used for a nice trip to a beautiful Mexican beach, we need to check the SEP calendar, where the official holidays are registered.

January 2023:

January 1, Sunday. We start the year with the first public holiday; for many it doesn’t work.

January 6, Three Kings Day. Holiday for schools. It works normally.

February 2023:

February 6, Monday. Day of the Mexican constitution from February 5 is passed to 6. Non-work holiday. Long weekend.

March 2023:

March 20, Monday. Birth of Benito Juarez. Non-work holiday. Long weekend.

April 2023:

April 3 to 14. Easter holidays.

6 and 7 Thursday and Good Friday, 8 Glory Saturday and 9 Resurrection Sunday.

Mayo 2023:

May 1, Monday. Labor Day. Non-work holiday. Long weekend.

May 5, Friday. Commemoration of the Battle of Puebla. Non-work holiday. Long weekend.

May 15, Monday. Teacher’s Day.

Julio 2023:

July 26, Wednesday. Summer Vacation.

September 2023:

September 16, Saturday. Mexico’s independence day. Non-work holiday.

November 2023:

November 2, Thursday. Day of the Dead. Non-work holiday.

November 20, Monday. Revolution Day. Non-work holiday. Long weekend.

December 2023:

December 12, Tuesday. Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe and Day of the bank employee, bank workers holiday.

Winter holidays, dates to be confirmed in the SEP 2023 – 2024 calendar.

December 25, Monday. Christmas holiday. Non-work holiday. Long weekend.

bridges and holidays 2023 bridges and holidays 2023

Working Holidays

The festivities in Mexico are many more and as part of that list, even if it is not a holiday, we have:

February 14: Valentine’s Day.

February 24: Flag Day.

March 8: International Women’s Day.

May 10: Mother’s Day.

June 19: Father’s Day.bridges and holidays 2023

Where to go for an XL weekend 2023?

There are several weekends in 2023 that last 3 days and it is sure to be a good opportunity for a few days off.

As soon as you can organize your travel plan, take note of the dates and remember to ask for permission in time at work, so you can enjoy a nice trip without pending.

It is also a good idea to think about specific dates and be able to take advantage of the discounts on hotel rates, flights and tours that are offered at the end of the year in events such as the Good End 2022.

A suggestion that can be useful is to take advantage of those few days of mini vacations to get to know a magical town located near where you live, there are 132 possible places, one of them has to interest you.

If you are in Baja California, Loreto and Todos Santos can be good alternatives; in Campeche, Isla Aguada is a beauty or if you want a Caribbean beach, Tulum, Isla Mujeres and Bacalar await you in Quintana Roo.

In Tamaulipas Mier and Tula are charming destinations, Tlaxcala has its own with Tlaxco and Huamantla; If you are in San Luis de Potosí, consider a walk through Xilitla, Aquismón or transport yourself to the past in Real de Catorce.

If you live in Sinaloa, Cosalá and El Fuerte are good destinations; in Sonora, Álamos is very beautiful; in Veracruz the options are many, Orizaba, Xico, Papantla, are some of its magical towns and nearby, but already in Puebla, do not miss going to Cholula, Zacatlán, Xicotepec and there are three more.

For those who are in CDMX or in the State of Mexico, the range of possibilities is quite wide, you will find incredible places like Malinalco, Metepec, Valle de Bravo, Tepotzotlán, Tlayacapan, Tepoztlán, etc.

Find the list of Magical Towns by state here and start scheduling, you will enjoy it.

bridges and holidays 2023

bridges and holidays 2023


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