Commonly known as high blood pressure or high blood pressure, Arterial hypertension It is a measurement of the force that is exerted against the walls of our arteries as our heart pumps blood in our body, which, if not attended to promptly, can lead to serious consequences, among which the following stand out: strokesTherefore, in addition to knowing what it is and why arterial hypertension constitutes a serious risk to our health, it is important to know what the symptoms of a stroke are in order to take the necessary measures in time.

Arterial Hypertension Symptoms

In the first instance, it is of great importance to know that normal blood pressure is when it is less than 120/80 mm Hg (millimeters of mercury), being high blood pressure when one or both numbers are greater than 130/80 mm Hg. .

Once we know these data it is essential to mention that arterial hypertension does not cause symptomssince the only way to detect it is by keeping a careful record of our blood pressure readings.

That is why it is of the utmost importance to have a Baumanometer or some other device that measures blood pressure at home.

Of course, medical visits are essential, especially when you have a predisposition to a disease such as diabetes or already have one like it.

Once high blood pressure is diagnosed, it can be treated in various ways, which must always be prescribed by a health professional.

High Hypertension Health Risks

Among the main health risks that High Hypertension can entail are the following:

Having our high blood pressure for very long times can damage our heartin addition to causing heart failure.

If our high blood pressure is not treated we can have a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure (kidney damage).

In addition, high blood pressure can cause other very serious problems to our health.

It is important to emphasize that when you have high blood pressure, the most dangerous thing is not knowing it.or know it and not seek treatment, because if we seek help as soon as possible, we can drastically reduce the risk of having some of the problems that this condition causes.

Care To Have Our Blood Pressure Properly

Care To Have Our Blood Pressure Properly

We all know that the best way to be in good health is by constantly visiting our doctor, exercising, drinking plenty of water, sleeping well, eating well, not consuming alcoholic beverages, and not smoking, among other good habits.

But it is also of the utmost importance to reduce stresssince long-term emotional stress can greatly contribute to our high blood pressure, with the inconveniences that we already know it can cause.

To do this, avoid demanding yourself to the maximum, avoid all the factors that can stress you, take time to relax, for example, you can meditate, practice yoga, etc.

In this way you will contribute to having a better state of health with all the benefits that this entails.

Stroke Symptoms

Stroke Symptoms

The derrame cerebralalso known as a stroke or brain attack, occurs when blood flow to part of our brain is blocked, or when our blood vessels break.

Due to this, our brain cells can be damaged or destroyed with all the disadvantages that of course this entails, such as memory loss, paralysis, incontinence, vision problems, among others.

That is why it is very important to know what the symptoms of a stroke are, precisely one of them being arterial hypertension:

  • Sudden difficulty seeing, either with one or both eyes.
  • Difficulty speaking, understanding what others say, confusion, all of this suddenly.
  • Loss of balance, dizziness, or trouble walking.
  • Sudden numbness of the face, arms, legs, especially when it is on the same side of the body.

Therefore, it is worth emphasizing that a stroke is a medical emergency.which is why it is vital to call the emergency services or go to a hospital immediately.

You also need to know that there are diseases such as diabetes that increase the risk of suffering a stroke by 60% – 70%, so you should always follow all the instructions of your doctor and thus reduce the chances that you will suffer one of these events.

Finally, you should know that your chances of surviving a stroke will be much better if you receive the appropriate treatment immediately once you have detected its symptoms.


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